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You probably already know you need extra help or you would not be here. However, if you have just causually landed on this page it is alway worth knowing what the dangers are of too much of a good thing!

Chlorine left in the hair for more than 15min after a swim will start to do damage and a simple rinse under the shower or an ordinary shampoo is not enough to remove it. You will need a specialised shampoo for swimmers that will remove the chemicals and nourish your hair. Work through our Diagnosis section to find out what the latest product options are. Links on top tool bar click D.

Chlorine in the hair also has the habit of picking up copper sulphate and turning your hair swimmers green! If this has happened to you, you will need a purifying shampoo to help remove the offending green tone. If it is very green try adding a little tomato ketchup to the shampoo and working it over the green area. This works because the red colourant neutralizes the green colour. Don't be tempted to use the pure colourant though, as you will then have both pink and green to deal with! Old copper pipes can also give your hair a green hue, the treatment is the same.

If at all concerned visit your salon and have a consultation on what your options are, the specialist purifying shampoos and treatments you find at the salon tend to be slightly stronger and a professional application always helps.

Oscar Cullinan’s best tips on how to care for you hair during summer…

In summer it is really important to care for your hair because of all the natural elements drying it out and causing damage. T he things you need to think about are adding back moisture and creating protection from the sun, wind and salt water.

Oscar Cullinan advises the best way to keep your hair in top condition is to have regular salon treatments and regular trims to keep your hair strong and healthy, as well as keep it free from split raggedy ends and to minimise breakages.

At home you should use a leave-in conditioner to keep it protected all day long, Oscar recommends Schwarzkopf Bonacure because its light-weight and won’t leave your hair oily even with fine hair, just comb a small amount through your hair while it is still damp and before you blowdry. Leave-in conditioners are also great to take to the beach and add to your hair once you have finished swimming so that you stop your hair from drying out, just comb it through and tie your hair back into a plait for the best results.

For great protection Oscar also recommends to use AVEDA Light Elements Finishing Gloss (rrp $44.95) which includes: conditioning elements, vitamin E to protect against the environmental elements and has a natural UV filter. It can be used on either wet hair before you style, or add to dry hair for extra shine and tame stubborn fly-aways.

Another favourite of Oscar Cullinan’s is AVEDA Damage Control (rrp $49.95) which is a great product for protecting against the thermal heat from hairdryers and UV damage, it is a light-weight spritz suitable for all hair types, can be used on wet or dry hair and its key ingredient is camomile which help’s prevent breakages.

Janine O'Sullivan and Keith Hennel, from N.O.K. Hairdressers Sydney, term it the 3 big S's (Summer, Swimming and Sunshine) all taking their toll on your hair leaving your colour faded or tarnished and lacking in moisture.

They recommend several ways to avoid this happening or minimize the effects of the 3 S's.

"Before going into the sun or swimming apply Goldwell's Vivecap Screen. It contains green tea extracts, UV filters and aqua protection from salt and chlorine essential for coloured hair to stop fade".

"KMS Moisture Replace shampoo and conditioner help retain the moisture levels in your hair. Also the KMS Silker 2in1 leave in conditioning cream is excellent and can be used at any time".

"For colour rejuvenation and conditioning post holiday, use Goldwell's Colour Soft Mousse's, which can be brought from NOK or other leading salons. 15 min on the hair does miracles for colour faded hair. Also post holiday be sure to get your ends trimmed as they will have taken a beating from the sun, chlorine and salt water which can lead to split ends".

" If your swimming in chlorine a lot, be sure to shampoo your hair after swimming with an appropriate chlorine removing shampoo such as Goldwell's demineralising shampoo or KMS's Clarifying shampoo and reconstructor. They will remove the damaging chemicals that cause dryness and colour fade".

Refer to our colour section for more info about protecting your colour when swimming and in the sun.

The general rule is always try to protect your hair if exposing it to harsh conditions by using one of a host of suncare products designed to act like a sunscreen for hair. You may even find that the products you are using contain UV filters. If all else fails get a hat!

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