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Split Ends

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A common condition, split ends is most often seen in long hair but also found in shorter hair that is out of condition and is an affliction of anyone trying to grow their hair. This problem is easily solved with good hair maintenance and we have put together all the solutions below:

The Causes:

As your hair grows, the natural oils from the scalp (which flows down through the hair to protect it) can fail to reach the ends.

        The ends of your hair are getting "old" once they reach 10 cm (4 inches). They have had a long exposure to the sun, gone through many shampoos and been overheated by hairdryers and tongs. This all results in dry and brittle ends which are prone to splitting.

        Not trimming your hair regularly.

        Damage due to relaxers, perms and colours when done to excess also causes dry brittle ends.

        Poor quality brushes and combs can also cause this problem.

        Some hair types are naturally prone to split ends so they require extra care.

The Cures:

If you already have split ends, a sure cure is to cut them off but that is not always what you want especially if you are growing your hair. Bear in mind that if you don't do something about them then your hair will gradually get shorter anyway because split ends drop off and contiue to split backwards towards the scalp at a faster rate than your hair can grow. To get your hair back into shape and keep it looking that way we suggest you try some of the basic methods below:

        Use specialist products that are designed to seal the splits temporarily in order to catch any splits that are shorter than the length you want to cut your hair to and to allow your hair to grow a little longer before you trim. Lee Cohen from Reds salon in Cairns recommends Schwarzkopf's bc bonacure 'Sealed Ends'.

  Always condition hair longer than 10cm (4 inches). A weekly treatment is also a good idea especially if your hair is prone to splitting, chemically treated or exposed to harsh elements/heated appliances like tongs and flat irons.

        Trim regularly (every 6 weeks for shorter hair 8 to 12 weeks for longer hair) and apply regular treatments. Following the advice in our long hair, detangling and conditioning sections will all help.

        Layers in your hair can catch splits that have become really bad which is better than losing lots of length. Discuss this thoroughly with your stylist to ensure that this option is for you.

        If you have had a perm or relaxor, then it is a good idea to get the ends trimmed on the same day.

        Avoid excess heat and too much brushing and combing.

        Invest in a quality combs and real bristle brushes. Throw away combs immediately a tooth is lost and never use metal combs.

What ever you do, if you want to keep your hair long, don't ignore split ends because, as they split they also break away, meaning that your hair is in effect getting shorter every time you brush it!

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