Slow Growing Hair

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People's hair grows at varying rates and is effected by hereditary, health and condition factors. Some simple checks to monitor if you feel your hair is exceptionally slow growing are:

  • Look at your diet, as it will affect the health and growth rate of your hair? A balanced diet will improve and maintain good growth. See diet and its effects for more information.
  • Your blood feeds the growth center of each hair and stimulation or massage of the scalp will encourage a good blood supply and therefore growth. Invest in a scalp massage brush and give your hair and scalp a through brush once a day.
  • Regularly trim your hair every 6 to 12 weeks depending on whether you are growing it or not. Split ends are your biggest enemy, once they start, your hair will get shorter by the day as they break off, making you feel that your hair never grows.

If the above have been tried or you don't feel they apply to your needs then a personal consultation with a trichologist may be the way to go for you.

Short hair style Courtesy ofTrevor Sorbie London: Urban Chic Collection

Courtesy of Trevor Sorbie

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