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Its common to go shorter as you get into your 40's and 50's but current trends are for women to leave their hair longer for longer!



short hair for women

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Short Hair: The Facts

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If you have short hair or are thinking about getting a short look then following one or two of these suggestions will help you get what you want:

  • Choose a good hairdresser/cutter. It's worth investing a little more money, as there is no hiding a badly done short cut.
  • If you're going short, you need a hairdresser who understands how to get just the correct amount of spikiness or 'clumpyness' (known as 'texture' in hairdressing circles). They should also spend time showing you how to get this effect with your new hair. Ask them for advice on what products to use before blow-drying, how to blow-dry (even down to the hot and cold buttons on the dryer) and what products to finish with and recreate the look with each morning are all important. See to our blow-drying and styling section for more detail.
  • Pop into the chosen salon for a consultation, which is normally free without any obligation.
  • Take time to think about all the aspects of a having a short cut, especially its suitability for you. Evaluate your face shape. Oval or heart-shaped faces really suit short looks while round and square faces may require longer pieces in back or wisps around the face.
  • If you're happy about your decision, go for it! Be positive and don't be tempted to get a "half way " job done as it will never be what you really want and you will end up disappointed. If you are still nervous about this suggestion, you're not ready yet, so wait.
  • Remember, short hair needs to be kept in shape with cuts every five to six weeks to look its best. Be prepared for this type of commitment long term.

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