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"Back from Summer Holiday" Hair

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So your all relaxed and de stressed but what happened to the hair? Sun, sea, overly hot hotel hair dryers: the list goes on. Whilst you were chilling out, your hair was taking a beating.

So what now? We thought we'd ask the people that really know what they would recommend!

Janine O'Sullivan and Keith Hennel, from N.O.K Newtown Sydney term it the" 3 big S's" (Summer, Swimming and Sunshine) all taking their toll on your hair, leaving your colour faded or tarnished and lacking in moisture.

They recommend, "Goldwell's Colour Soft Mousse, which can be brought at leading salons to use yourself and only needs 15 minutes on the hair to rejuvenate and condition your faded colour. Also be sure to get a trim, as sun, chlorine and salt is a sure way to make split ends. Finally, if you're swimming in chlorine a lot be sure to shampoo your hair after swimming with an appropriate chlorine removing shampoo such as Goldwell's demineralising shampoo or KMS's Clarifying shampoo and reconstructor. They will remove the damaging chemicals that cause dryness and colour fade".

Margaret Doyle from Wieselmann Salon Melbourne agrees that "sun will fade your colour or change its tones often leaving it more 'brassy' looking than you want or suits you. So your next salon visit should include a toner to refresh your colour and a trim to remove damaged ends".

Michelle Musgrave from Vogue National in the heart of Brisbane, suggests you make an appointment for a trim and treatment, to nurture those post holiday locks into shape. Whilst your at the salon she also sugests "get your hairdresser or colourist to reassess your colour formula as changes made by the sun may need to be handled differently rather than using the same formula as before. If your post holiday hair looks dull, or you like the highlights made by the sun, try a gloss treatment to add shine and luster". Michelle's favorite treatments for post holiday hair are Sebastian's 2+1, Penetrate and the new Swade Deluxe.

Danielle Vassey from Sessions in Sydney also loves the Sebastian 2+1 as a treatment. She has developed this great technique for really getting it into the hair where she bakes it in section by section using flat irons. Her other recommendation for damaged and dehydrated hair is Sebastian's Potion 9, a leave in product so easy to use at home.

Rob Hastie from Shibui in Melbourne says "when your hair is out of condition following a holiday get into the habit of doing a once a week treatment. Start using a really intence product like KMS's Pro Gold Therapy Treatment inconjunction with Daily Repair Reconstructor. Once your hair is in better shape stop using the Pro gold and try something like Moisture Replace also a KMS product". He also added: "getting those lost tones back into the hair is important so that when you decide it's time to go richer or darker for Winter your hair is ready, as colour changes are not always possible in one go".

One final comment from the guys at N.O.K. "If you haven't been able to get to the beach yet and want your hair to look like you have, invest in some highlights. For darker coloured hair, caramel and toffee blondes or for lighter coloured hair, honey or light golden blondes".

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