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Nasal and Ear Hair

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Only grandad has hair coming out of his nose and ears right? Wrong! As we get older our hormonal balance changes and some of us start to sprout hair out of all sorts of orifices that we have never had hair coming out of before.

In our early to mid thirties, the first area to go is the nose. Yes, you too are going to develop black hairs that protrude out of nostrils, scaring the children and having your partner running for the shears!. Shortly after that you will start to get either clear long or slightly dark hairs appearing out of your lugholes.

Now don't just assume because you feel comfortable with this extra hair everyone else will too. Junglelike plantations of thick black nozzle hair can have a serious effect on your prospects!

So what can you do about it? The simplest solution is to go to a shop that specialises in razors and shavers and get yourself a nose and ear hair trimmer. Most look like a tiny conventional electric razor, the cutting end of it being small enough to insert into the ear or nose cavity (try not to give yourself a frontal lobotomy by shoving in in too far!). Used carefully, these type of razors have the effect of trimming these offending stray hairs.

Most of the major razor makers have a nostril and ear trimmer, the most popular makes being Remington and Wahl.

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