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Growing your Hair?

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Planning simply not to go near a pair of scissors or a salon until the desired length of hair is reached is one sure fire way to get fed up of growing your old style out. The trick is to retain a style whilst growing your hair. For this you have to have a plan:

Plan to cut or should we say reshape your hair every 10 to 12 weeks. Any more frequently and you will not be gaining any length. Any less frequently and your hair could get out of condition. Split ends are your biggest enemy, once they start, your hair will get shorter by the day as they break off.

  • Decide what you are growing your hair to. This is like everything in life it's easier to get there if you know where "there" is! It does not matter if you change your mind as your hair grows, the goal of a certain look is a great motivator.
  • "Length where you need it" is an important concept to grasp. Often we think of growing length at the back say, but if you have a short layered style you will often need to start by growing out the layers. This means trimming the bottom of your hair until the shorter layers have had time to grow down to that length.
  • Consult your hairdresser regarding the suitability of the look you are after. Long hair does not suit everyone, or the look your friend has necessarily suit you!
  • Plan the looks/cuts to have during the interim stages of growing your hair. Your plan of action will also insure understanding between you and your hairdresser and prevent the "I don't want too much off" and getting a short cut.

  • Don't be fooled by a friendly hairdresser that they remember you and all your exact details (they pretend)! It is always a good idea to go over with them what is happening and where you are at each and every time you visit.
  • Condition and maintaining it is the key to growing your hair. We recommend a once a week treatment to maintain optimum health. You can apply it more often but hair will only accept so much and the rest will go down the plug-hole (and out of your pocket). Also don't have too many chemical treatments i.e. perms and colours, as the build up on hair that is not being cut away can be damaging.
  • Diet effects the health and growth rate of your hair? A balanced diet will improve and maintain good growth. See diet and its effects.

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