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Q. How can I make my greasy hair look shiny instead of oily?

Greasy hair comes from having a greasy scalp, which can be a problem at some point in everyone’s life. The scalp needs to be cared for and Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent Shampoo is the best around at the moment. Once you have shampooed your hair, towel dry it and apply conditioner to the length and ends. A conditioning spray is lighter than a cream. After the conditioner has been rinsed out try and stand under a cold shower for ten seconds so give your hair a squeaky clean feel.

When drying your hair always keep the dryer facing downwards and use the nozzle. This ensures that the cuticle lies smoothly, which helps create shine. A rough cuticle equals no shine so never blow-dry in an up direction towards the roots. If using heated appliance such as straighteners or curling tongs then use them quickly. Glide them over your hair and never concentrate the heat in one area as this reduces moistures and eliminates shine.

Finally, keep styling products light and to a minimum. Do not use them near the roots and never apply too much. Start with small amounts and add more if need be. The only time you should use styling products near the shoot is if you are looking for volume and in this case a fine mist of hairspray will do the trick!

Q. I have fine, dull hair. Should I be using a shine spray or a serum?

Definitely a shine spray! These are much lighter and add great shine to dull hair. Matrix Biolage Shine Renewal is what we use in the salon and on shoots to create high gloss finishes. The trick to using shine sprays is to use the correct amount. If you spray it into the air then walk in to it, like you would do with perfume, you will get the right amount. Another tip for not using too much is too spray the mist onto a blusher brush or body brush and glide it over the hair.

Serums are good for creating shine also, but as your hair is fine this product would be too heavy and can overload the hair leaving it looking lifeless.

Q. What kind of foods encourages shine, and how will I know if supplements will benefit me as well?

Healthy, shiny hair is all about lifestyle. Your 5 fruit and veg a day, together with Omega 3 is the best combination, washed down with recommended liters of water. But this isn’t always realistic so keeping a good balance of eating well and drinking lots of water is best for hair that shines with healthiness. Omega 3 is in fish, with salmon and tuna being the best source, walnuts, butter and free-range eggs but using a cod liver supplement ensures you will get your daily-recommended intake.

Eating the right food and taking the correct supplements won’t give you super shiny hair overnight, but it will encourage the health of your hair, skin and nails. It is a lifestyle balance you need to adopt to achieve movie star shine!

Q. I read somewhere that if I wash my hair less, it will make it more shiny?

Shiny hair is clean hair but washing it more often doesn’t automatically make it shinier. A combination of a balanced lifestyle, correct products and a good hair care routine will give you healthy shiny hair. We recommend that you speak with your stylist who can provide you with the best routine for your hair type. As with your face you should have a three-step regime, which includes cleansing, moisturising and conditioning. Glossy hair is achievable if you follow the necessary steps but remember that blonde hair doesn’t shine as well brunettes.

Q. My blonde hair always looks dull. Any tips for that celeb gloss?

Getting shine on blonde hair is tricky as it absorbs light, whereas the glossy look brunettes have comes from light bouncing off the colour. Also, if your hair has been highlighted then it could be lacking moisture, which will not encourage shine.

Shine sprays work well and the shine agents in serums reflect light. When using serums apply them evenly and distribute lightly through the length and ends of your hair. Make sure that you massage the serum through your hands like a hand cream before running your hands through your hair. This will encourage even distribution, and remember is it always better to add more products than applying too much in the first place.

Five Top Tips

  1. Never apply too much product to your hair – remember less is more as too much can make hair dull and greasy looking. When using a shine spray, mist it over a large blusher brush and gently glide it over your hair to give the perfect gloss finish.
  2. Colour is the best form of making hair look shiny and healthy. Semi-permanents work well and remember after colour hair needs to restore moisture so use a good conditioner recommended by your stylist.
  3. Brunette hair reflects light which creates the shine factor. If you don’t have dark hair then why not try some temporary wefts from Hairaisers. The contrasting colour works well and their new Amna range is the highest quality of hair extensions around. The cuticle is still in tact which encourages shine.
  4. Treat your hair to ritual masks as you do with your skin. This is a great time of year to do as the winter months can be harsh on hair. The added moisture will bring new life and shine to your hair.
  5. A proper blow dry will leave hair looking and feeling amazing. Why not book yourself into a salon that offers blow drying lessons to achieve the silky smooth celeb style?

The Hooker & Young Shine awards go to. . . .

  1. Eva Longoria
  2. Cheryl Tweedy
  3. Elle MacPherson
  4. Penelope Cruz

And the Dull Locks go to . . . .

  1. Christina Aguilera
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. Nicole Ritchie
  4. Brittany Spears

How to Get 'Shine'

If you did not come through our home page your search has only found a small proportion of our vast and useful data base of real information, facts and how-to instructions.

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Hair that shines equals healthy hair and we all want that, but before you launch into following our tips for beautiful, gleaming hair, there is one factor that you cannot help.

If you have stick straight hair you will already by half way there to getting great "shine". However, the more curl or wave you have, the less your hair will shine. It's all to do with the reflection of light and curly hair has an uneven surface so does not reflect light as easily as straight hair. You can however improve the level of shine by following a few of these tips:

  • Keep your hair healthy by using heated styling tools less frequently.
  • If you use a dryer, use one with a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow from roots to ends to create smooth sections.
  • Blow-dry your hair right side up, not bent over upside down as this can create frizz.
  • Avoid brushes with plastic bristles, a boar bristle brush is always better.
  • The correct shampoo and conditioning regime can really help boost shine. Moisturising shampoos and conditioners will help seal and smooth the surface of your hair allowing it to reflect light. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up which can make your hair look dull. Check out our detailed shampoo and conditioning section for lots more great tips.
  • Using a wide-tooth comb whilst in the shower to distribute your conditioner evenly will also improve shine.
  • Give your hair a final cool rinse just before you leave the shower to seal down the surface of your hair so it reflects light better.
  • Consider a special in-salon treatment that is like applying a "gloss finish". A sheer wash of just the gloss part of colour is applied to your hair like a non-permanent colour would be. This will boost your hair's natural colour without changing it and it slowly washes out in 4 to 6 weeks without any condition worries.

We all want instantly shiny hair though and there are some finishing products out there to help you get this like gloss drops and spray shine. These may seem expensive especially in the drop/oil type products but they last forever and I mean forever!

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