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Getting More Volume

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If your hair needs more volume, there are a couple of things not to do:

  • Don't apply conditioners directly to the scalp. Instead ensure that they are only applied to the lengths and ends of your hair. See "How to Condition your hair" for more help. Or use a spray leave-in conditioner which is very light so won't weigh your hair down.
  • Don't let your hair get too long! Hair longer than 15 cm or 6" is pretty hard to get volume into, even for the experts. Its own weight simply drags it down. Always ask yourself if you are prepared to sacrifice volume for length.
  • Don't use too many different types or too much of any finishing product.

Try a couple of these ideas that you may not have considered:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner for volume and fullness, there are numerous brands on the market. If your hair is chemically treated you many need a little more moisture in your products than these provide, in this case mix and match shampoo and conditioner for best results.
  • Try a "perm" that is not a perm but simply a "bend" in the hair. Today there are numerous specialised perming systems that can provide you with enough bend to lift the roots of your hair to give that bit of volume. Because these only work for about 6 to 8 weeks whilst the bend is close to the scalp, they are designed to be so gentle that they simply drop out so that it can be redone with your next hair cut without causing damage to the hair. These are not suitable for those of you with highly coloured hair as the effects of lots of chemical processes over others can be damaging. Get a consultation from your hairdresser, there is normally no obligation or charge for a consultation and you often don't have to book either. A tip though pop in to the salon when it is not busy if you can as you will get much more advice if the hairdresser is not rushed (avoid Saturdays and late nights).
  • Try a few highlights. We know this sounds strange but it will really help. When you colour or highlight your hair it swells a little and gives it a slightly rougher texture that can give you that extra volume you have always wanted.
  • Use a permanent colour rather than a semi or demi permanent. Permanent colour is normally only concidered when you are lightening your hair or want to cover grey hair but as mentioned above however it does have a thickening effect that can really benefit those of you wanting more volume.
When blow-drying or styling try any of these:
  • Use a volumizer spray and or your favorite products at the roots, while the hair is still wet. It is at the scalp you will create volume, not at the ends. As you apply gently tug the hair upward from the root with your fingers, to promote lift.
  • Make sure the section of hair you are blow-drying is fully dry before moving to the next and let each section cool before brushing out.
    Blow-drying can blow the natural body and lift right out of the hair, if not done correctly. Instead you could try, allowing your hair to air dry 90%, then flip your head upside down and scrunch hair with your hands to encourage separation and curl. If frizz is a problem, you can define the waves or curls by twisting sections of your hair around your finger as they air dry.
  • If you are after a textured volume on shorter hair try rubbing the palm of your hand, in circles, vigorously on the scalp literally tangling your hair at the roots and then shape the ends with your fingers into the style you want with some wax or paste.

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