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Fine Downy Hairline Hair

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It's perfectly normal to have a finer down type of hair around the face. Think of it like a soft blending of hair into face so that your hair doesn't come to an abrupt halt. If your hair was not finer around the face you would tend to look a bit like you were wearing a cheap wig!

If your downy hair grows a long way over your face or is quite dark, you may want to disguise it in some way. Try using a hair lightener, of the type you would normally use on arm or lip hair. Do not use hair (as in on head) products for this type of hair, as it is normally very fine or spreading down onto the delicate skin of your face. Hairdressing products maybe too harsh and cause a skin irritation or break off the hair if too strong.

For many people with a fair amount of downy hairline hair there are a few points to remember if you get it coloured and you should ask your hairdresser to take it into account. Because it is different from the rest of your hair it can often go brighter, darker or pick up ash tones from the colour being used. Steps can easily be taken by a professional hairdresser to avoid such problems. Another point to watch is the colour application, if a dark colour is applied too far over this hair it can make it more obvious. For those of you that lighten your hair if colour is not applied over the downy hair it can suddenly appear darker when compared to your new lighter locks.

I would like to end by reiterating that it's perfectly natural to have fine downy hair around the face. Having been in hairdressing for many years, I have seen so many different hairlines you can't imagine. Never judge what is normal by touched up photographs in magazine, take a closer look at a few of your friends and you will realise it's totally normal.


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