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Fine Hair

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You are not alone if you have fine hair. Many of us do! A few simple rules will enable you to make the most of your hair and generally trick everyone else into thinking that you have more hair than you do. The finer your hair, the closer the rules should be adhered to, but at the end of the day there is no substitute for the personal advice of a good hairdresser.

The Best Cuts

  • Blunt or one-length shapes work better than layers as they create the illusion of thickness in the ends. Check out our page devoted tp the bob - the ultimate one length shape for fine hair.
  • Don't attempt to grow your hair too long. The longer it gets the more spindly it becomes.
  • Choose from the many shampoos and conditioners that are designed to add volume and give fullness they won't make you lift off just give that added bit of guts fine hair needs.
  • Put conditioners onto the lengths and ends of your hair rather than the roots. Then you won't weigh your hair down this way.
  • Don't avoid conditioner as it will help prevent split ends and breakage that will make your hair look finer. You may feel that they weigh the hair down, the real reason for this is because you are using the wrong type for your hair. Many of the spray leave in type of conditioner are idea for finer hair as they are weightless.
  • Permanently colouring and even highlighting or bleaching your hair will have the added advantage of thickening your hair because it swells each hair.

For some great haircuts for fine hair check this out.

Some thinning factors unique to women:

  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and Menopause These life changes can cause hormonal swings in women, often having a temporary or sometimes permanent effect on healthy-looking hair. When combined with environmental pollution, changing nutritional habits and a more active lifestyle, the threat to a healthy-looking head of hair is often magnified.
  • Too much of a good thing colouring, highlighting, permanent waving and relaxing your hair can be very drying to the scalp and hair, resulting in thin-looking hair. Rigourous hair brushing, and styling, rough scalp massaging, pulling, twisting, and braiding hair too tight (including improperly applied hair extentions), often cause temporary or even permanent damage.
  • Female genetic thinning you may think only men loose their hair as they age but you would be wrong.
  • Low iron or anemia is common to many women but did you know it is also a factor in thinning hair.

Some thinning factors unique to men:

  • Excessive body building can cause a peak in testosterone levels therefore increasing the opportunity for increased levels of DHT
  • Steroid usage can cause a hormonal imbalance. These artificial hormone level changes can be a catalyst for thinning hair.

We have checked out a number of options for thin and thinning hair, but few really stand up to the test. One of the very best is Nioxin, a non-drug based system for thinning hair. This is what hairdressers are recommending to their clients and you can try it out to see its effects as there is a special offer running at most Price Attack outlets across Australia.

Fact - 44% of all men and 48% of all women describe their hair as fine....almost half of the population.




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