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Dry Damaged Hair

None of us want it but many of us have it. One of the main reasons for this is that on the whole, we have done so much to our hair that it can't cope.

Ending up with out of condition hair, is rarely about having done something bad once, it's about having done it over and over again, gradually depleting your hair of its life.

To help stop yourself getting dry damaged hair in the first place, or to prevent it getting any worse we need to understand the possible causes:

  • Too many chemical processes. Yes, that's all those colour changes. You know, brown one week blonde the next, or too many perms and relaxing treatments. None of these are bad on a one off basis or even regularly (if only the new hair is coloured for example). They become "bad" if you do the lot to the same head of hair time and time again!
  • Too much heat. This means the hairdryer, tongs, hot brushes, flat irons, heated rollers etc. Again, use all in moderation, and direct-heat appliances like tongs should be used no more than once a week! All electrical appliances have thermostats that control the temperature and these tend to go bang way before the appliance stops working, resulting in you using something that literally has the potential to burn your hair off. Change appliances regularly and if you think it is hotter than it used to be, trust your nerve endings: it is! If you have ever had the experience of "your new hairdryer just doesn't dry your hair as fast as the old one" you will know what I mean!
  • Too many elements. Not the scientific kind but the weather kind. Yes, sun, sea, wind etc. Just as our skin suffers in extreme weather so does our hair. Start seeing your hair as something that needs moisturising like your skin does and you will be well on the way to solving many dry damaged problems.

As you can tell the causes are vast but so are the cures. I've never actually tallied up the amount of hair products in this sector, but this would be by far the largest haircare area, this says a lot about how we treat our hair really! To cure a specific problem you will have to do a little more research through the site as to your exact problem and needs. All the links I can think of to help are listed below:

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