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There is a real trick to getting the knots out of your hair without damaging and pulling half of it out, leaving yourself with a sore head! The following general tips will help, especially if your have mid to long-length or curly hair:

  • Brush your hair using a paddle or pad brush before shampooing to lessen the tangles later.
  • Get a good detangling comb. These should have wide teeth and a handle for ease of use. Never brush wet hair, always comb it to avoid splitting.
  • It is often easier to work with conditioner in your hair when you comb it than after you have towel dried. If you're not too keen on standing in the shower for ages then try a spray detangler whilst you are combing.
  • When towel drying, try not to rub the hair: rather squeeze out the excess water.
  • Start combing from the ends rather than at the scalp working in 6cm long sections get the tangles out, working each section until you can comb the whole length of your hair. It will also help to gently tease apart clumps or sections of hair rather than doing the lot in one go. Clip sections that you are not combing out of the way.
  • Sleep on a silk pillow case to stop your hair matting during the night.
  • Spray shine (available in many different forms from various manufactures) is a good product to use on dry hair before brushing.


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