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If your hair is naturally curly forget the old idea that your hairstyle options are limited. We have many hair style ideas for every length of hair from short to mid to long, and for every curl type from ringlets to afro to wave to soft curl and tight curls. You can add to or make curls if your hair is straight by using hair tongs, hot/styling irons, rollers, hot sticks or even curl your straight hair permanently with a perm.

UK hairdressers are recognised the World over as some of the best and most creative hair stylists so we thougth we would give them the task of creating some new hair styles for curly hair.
A curly bob hair style from AntoinetteBeenders
AntoinetteBeenders forms a short hair shape with curl
Andrew Barton uses a styling iron to make the curls in this style Curly hair bob by Tracey Devine
Blonde and big curls from Hooker & Young
Plenty of root lift and curl makes for big hair by Tracey Devine
Tim Hartley combines a full straight fringe with soft floaty curls Angelo Seminara of Trevor Sorbie sets the hair to form waves and curls and changes the hair texture to fuzz at the ends
Short hair curls from Clipso 1980's curl from Clipso
Mark Hill with a sexy soft wave curl
Hooker&Young for this amount of fullness to the hair sections would have to be pinned up
Hooker&Young curly hair
SAKS separation of curl is all about the right finishing products Full staight fringe or bangs mixed with soft curls from SAKS
Mark Woolley uses scruch drying to create these 2 hair styles Mark Woolley uses scruch drying to create these two hairstyles
RoystonBlythe big curl RoystonBlythe bob shape hair cut with curl
RoystonBlythe midlength blonde hair with curls RoystonBlythe short hair with curl


This selection of curly hair style pictures are courtesy of the 2007 AHFAwards. Use the link to see entire collections and more about each stylist.
Blonde hairstyles curly blonde hairstyles blonde hair
brunette curls
brunette hairstyler
long blonde hair
blonde hair pictures medium length hair curly blonde hair pictures
short brunette hair styles   asian hairstyles
hairstyles for fair skin beach hair frizzy hairstyles
flick hairstyle ringlets party hair styles
blonde models
curly long hair
kiss curls for girls
frizzy blonde hair
wavy hair styling with velcro rollers
foil highlights
afro american hairstyles
foil high lights


All hair styles below are from 2005 which was a very 'curly' year! The use of curled hair in fashion tends to be coupled with softer and more feminin clothes and is definately true of the images here which are courtesy of the 2005 AHFAwards and 2005 Hair Expo Awards. Individual stylists are credited below each image all of which are kept in a large format so that you can copy and print to take to your next salon visit.
afro hair styles
asian hairstyles
Robert Bava
Lee Cohen
messy hair
how to style thick hair
Mick Luppino
blowdry for volume
hairstyles for men
Luana Coscia
hair and sun
straight hair styles
Jeffery Herberg
Nancy Rao
model hairstyles
medium hair styles
Barney Martin
Brad Ngata
frizzey hair
hair curls
Jayne Wild
Philip Barwick
red hair styles
big hairstyles
Tracey Hughes
Christine Burgess
french roll hair
afro caribbean hair
Rebecca Woloszek
Jorge Alfaro
perming for curl
hair fringe and bangs
Shona Cataldo
Angela Pastore
prom hair
high school dance hair
Caterina Di Biase
Dieter Mersmann
Oscar Cullinan
Shane Henning
Carrol Haddad
Dimitri Papas
Yasmin Harland
Joey Scandizzo
Adam Noble
Vincent Noble
Brett MacDonald
Shannon Treloar

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