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Curly Hair

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We never seem to have the right "sort" of curly hair or we hate it! So what are the options:

Temporary curl enhancement or controlling your curl.

Curl is in again and with that have come a whole array of new curl enhancing gels, spray, shampoos and conditioners, enjoy finding out which works best for you.

Check out diffuse, scrunch or finger drying for styling tips.

If you want to give your curl a more dressed feel for a special occasion then try curling some or all of your natural curls with heated tongs or curling with a styling iron. The defined and more separated curl you achieve this way really works without you looking so different that your date doesn't recognise you!

Janine O'Sullivan and Keith Hennel, from N.O.K in Newtown Sydney recommend: "If you've got wavy or curly hair, keep the separated defined curl that you get when you've been to the beach by giving your hair a cold rinse after you've washed it which locks down the outer surface. Don't comb your hair before drying it naturally or using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to get those sexy summer tousled tresses".

I have tried this idea out myself and it really works but if you are worried about not getting rid of all those tangles, give your hair a good brush through before you shampoo it instead of combing it afterwards.

Image Courtesy of Cataldo's, Canberra City

If you have tried all of these options and feel you still need more why not think of something more permanent.

Permanent curl enhancement.

Ever thought of getting a perm? Perms are not just for people with straight hair. In fact if you have some curl in your hair it will generally respond very well to the perming process. This will give you that slightly stronger or more defined curl that you are after, and because your own hair is curly as it grows out, the variation is hard to see so you may only need to repeat this process very occasionally.

It is common that we have areas of hair that are straighter than the rest, on some people this is quite defined and a pain when trying to achieve a style. A great idea is to get the straighter area permed to match the curly area.

For both of these options you need to consult your hairdresser. Keeping the hair in good condition is of the utmost importance when considering a perm. Your hairdresser will be able to test your hair for strength and condition, as colour or bleach in your hair may make this type of service unadvisable. See free consultations for more help.

Temporary straightening.

Most curly hair can be temporarily straightened by blow-drying and will remain straight until your hair next gets wet. The trick to keeping your straight blow-dry for as long as possible is to prevent moisture getting to your hair. There are a number of products on the market that do just that, at the same time as helping you to straighten your hair. It's all about using the rightproducts, tools and blow-drying techniques in the right combination. Click on any of these for more information.

Also check out the section on flat or straightening irons. We would not recommend you use these every day as you can dry out your hair but the effect is great and easy to do for a special occasion.

Permanent straightening.

See our detailed pages dedicated to the pros and cons of permanently straightening your hair.

Conditioning curly hair/frizz fighting.

Curly hair suffers more than straight hair with dehydration due to its structure. Maintaining the condition of your hair will not only make it shinier but prevent the frizz. You can't fight frizz with gloss and silicone gels alone. They will help in the short term but to really kill it you need to get your hair into the optimum condition you can. Try a once a week treatment to put back what your hair needs internally and a special conditioner for curly hair.

Daniel Vassey of Sessions's salon in Blues Point Rd North Sydney says, "the best thing to de-frizz your hair is a Sebastian 2+1 treatment that has been baked into individual sections using flat/straightening irons'. This in salon treatment would take about an hour all up and just image the great massage that comes with it!

Barney Martin, Sydney, Australia

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