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I imagine that almost all of our visitors look us up because they are suffering from or want to avoid bad hair days. In the big scheme of things you can be forgiven for thinking that if bad hair is all a person has to worry about then their life can't be all that bad! However, when you look at the effects a so called 'bad hair day' can have then you can see why hair is so important.

Those smart guys over at Yale have even studied the effects which include low self-esteem, increasing self doubt, intensified social insecurities and a tendency to self criticism, basically finding faults with ourselves that go way beyond simple appearance. Even worrying about the possibility of a bad hair day can lead to low self-esteem!

Proctor and Gamble found that men are just as likely to have a bad hair day as women, a point that may come as a surprise to most women! They also discovered that the effect on each of us can vary greatly with feelings of increased self consciousness, irritability and depression being the main ones.

With job interviews, Weddings and all manner of important occasions known to bring on acute cases of bad hair it really does pay to avoid them. This is not as hard as you may think with a few basics being the cause of most of them.

  • Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you choose suits your hair type and check out good shampooing and conditioning.

  • There is a big difference between a good cut and a bad one and you definitely get what you pay for! So don't skimp on something you are going to have to wear every day for at least a month. Oh and get regular trims.

  • Too much styling product or cheap and nasty products are major causes of 'bad hair'. The symptoms can be anything from lank and flat to sticky and flaky. Use a good clarifing shampoo to remove the excess products and start a fresh remembering you can always add more.

  • High quality combs, brushes and electrical items mean that you are less likely to damage your hair and can control it more easily. Even a professional would struggle to do what I see some people attempt with old hairdryers that over heat and combs with the teeth missing! Remember hairdryers blow their thermostats years before they give up completely.

  • Finally it never ceases to amaze me how many people shampoo their hair before bed and expect to wake up with 'hair to go'! Only the smallest amount of dampness left will result in your hair moulding to the shape of your pillow and I presume that isn't the effect you are after!

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