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The Rules

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Inspired by my favorite style gurus Trinny and Suzanna of 'What Not to Wear' fame, I thought that a few golden rules on how to get a look to suit your hair would be of great benefit, so here goes.

       Never lighten, or darken, your entire hair colour by more than 3 shades of what it is naturally. If you don't know what shade you are naturally seek professional advice to avoid looking totally washed out! The other plus side of this rule is that it avoids excessive roots (regrowth line).

        For ease and "no more bad hair days" go with what your hair does naturally rather than trying to torture it into shape. So if its curly work with it as you could have a life if you didn't spend so much time blow drying.

        Never have more hair than there is of the rest of you! Hair is the frame for your face it should complement and enhance, not take over. This is especially important if you are on the smaller side as very long hair can make you look even shorter!

       If you are tall you can use long hair for its shortening effect but you should never go for a style with lots of height on top!

        If female or male genetic thinning (hair loss) runs in your family it does not have to effect you! The sooner you start on a treatment plan the better do your research (on VirtualHairCare of course) and work out the long term cost as once you start your on it for life but do do it and before you loose too much hair as this will reduce long term costs.

·        If growing your hair is your aim then regular cuts are a must as splits will slowly erode any gains from the opposite end and boredom from having the same look for too long will often result in sudden short looks with regret. However no more than every 12 weeks is a good approximate guideline for return salon visits.

·        When talking to a hairdresser use plain and simple language and pictures to explain what you want. Hairdressing terms, even from one hairdresser to another, have differing meanings, so you have no chance of getting it right! I once had a client ask for 'a bleach', so I did, all over to white blonde. She really wanted golden highlights but thought 'a bleach' meant that!.


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