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It's very new, it's very different but what is it? This is the ultimate in shampooing technology, a vibrating, massaging and pulsing treatment unit know as the Aqua Vibro! Basically pressure jets of water that can be set to any strength you like are used to provide the ultimate treatment experience. If you want to try it out call Synergy in Melbourne on 03 9654 6233




What's New in the Hair World?

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The claims are vast, but is it true that a few negative ions do all this...

  • Prevent bad hair days?
  • Improve condition?
  • Restore natural moisture balance?
  • Reduce drying time?
  • Eliminate frizzies?
  • Reduce static?
  • Leave your hair smooth and glossy?
  • Reduce flyaways?
  • Revitalize dull lifeless hair?

This new technology (well, new to hairdressing) is taking the hair world by storm appearing in everything from hair electrical items like hair dryers and styling irons to brushes and even chemical hair straighteners.

Unless you're a scientist, the only place you may have come across ionic products is in things like dehumidifiers or types of air filters. Once you make the connection between hair and all the annoying things that too much or too little moisture can do like major frizz or damaged hair, you can start to come to grips with why some bright spark decided it was what hairdryers etc. had been missing all these years!

The ions also have the effect of helping to smooth the cuticle or outer surface of the hair. The smoother the cuticle, the shinier your hair will be and the healthier it will look. It would also be fair to say that the worse shape your hair was in prior to using any product that smoothes the cuticle, the better it will look afterwards. It's not all just surface treatment though, the way ionic technology works is to break down the water molecules which also allows micro fine particles of moisture to infuse deep into the hair which helps to restore natural moisture levels.

Our view:

At VirtualHairCare we strive to give you an objective view on everything we present and what we have seen so far with many of the new ionic products is that it is definitely an easier drying method.

But like with most things its best to use a good quality product to get the best results so we recommend that you avoid the cheap option and look for professional quality to see those results.

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