The following 3 images are from Gary Latham at Wild Life Hairdressing.

Wildlife - how to change a layered hair style
Randomly take sections around head.

Bobby pins and hair elastics will help create this wrapped look from Wildlife


Courtesy of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair

Look from Anthony Nader of Raw Hair.



Add a bit of Glamour to your Party Hairstyle!

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Whether you are heading to a simple gathering of friends, a cocktail party, the office party, charity ball or a night out clubbing you want your hair to reflect your change from day to night to make the most of the rest of your look. Our red carpet celebrities have a team of hairstylists for such occasions but what can the rest of us do for a quick hair style fix in the toilets at work or with an hour in the bathroom when trying to add a bit of glamour to our every day look?

Virtualhaircare put this question to some of the top professionals in the hairdressing world:

Gary Latham from Wild Life Hairdressing came up with:

"Follow these few simple styles so you won't be caught out when unexpected drinks get sprung on you".

If your hair is layered with some length you can hide the underneath of your hair for a quick shorter look, a la Nicole at the Golden Globes.

  • Take the top section of your hair above your ears and clip it up out of the way.
  • Take the underneath section and, smoothing hair from right to left, pin your hair behind your left ear placing pins vertically, leaving you with a flat side pony.
  • Take that section of hair and again smooth over the section that you have just smoothed and pin vertically behind right ear.
  • Repeat folding your hair keeping it flat to your head until no length is left.
  • Release top section of hair and now you have a funky shorter look.
  • Finish with a little bit of product like Aveda Custom Control adding texture by 'shoe shining' the ends.

If your hair is long but want to leave it out with a point of difference.

  • Take a smooth section from your underneath and wrap it across your forehead.
  • Pin hair on the opposite side underneath with bobby pins.
  • Let your hair hang out over this "head band" of hair. This is especially effective if your underneath color is different. If you have had your hair in a ponytail all day this is a simple yet effective look to transform it to.
  • Take a centimeter section from underneath the "pony" and wrap it around the elastic as many times as the length will permit and fasten with a bobby pin underneath the "pony".
  • Pin vertically under the elastic hiding the pin under the pony.
  • Tuck the ends of the "pony" underneath to keep it clean. Finish your hair with gloss or spray shine such as KMS weightless spray shine.

Or to create a smooth chignon (bun shape)

  • Retie your pony and on the last twist of the elastic don't pull your hair right through.
  • Tuck the ends up under the elastic with a bobby pin, leaving a stylish "knob" shape. To smooth in any "fluffies", try KMS shine serum.
  • For a more "cheeky flirty" look leave the ends out and piece them out with some KMS styling grit.

For a wilder look for those with shorter hair.

  • Randomly take sections around head.
  • Roll around your hand and pin hair, fanning out the ends.
  • Hold with some Aveda Self Control to give texture.

This look is a little harder than it sounds so it is only for the more creative or those with a patient friend.

Anthony Nader of Raw Hair, Oxford Street has also come up with some great inspiration for you:

"The long hair look for this season is 'sexy wavy', and to achieve this, all you need is a little Sebastian Primer. This makes your hair feel almost dirty or as if you have had salt water in it and is therefore more easy to work with. Simply hot tong large sections of your hair to create movement rather than traditional curl

Courtesy of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair

With short hair it's all about texture, and lots of it. Sweep some of your layers onto your face and over one eye. Keep the feel of the style cute yet sexy for the ultimate in current flavors. Products like Wella's Crystal Styling lotion will help support and add sheen to this type of look.

Courtesy of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair

Finally, for all of those with mid length hair, go for the 'Rock Chic' look. Use products like Sebastian's Laminates Gel to achieve a very straight shiny end result. Blow-dry your hair free hand (no brushes) in every direction to achieve root lift. Finally finish the look with Sebastian Spritz Forte.

The Tremayne Creative team came up with these 4 ideas for you:

Soft, Natural and Relaxed. Classic hair styling with a soft, natural relaxed feeling from Tremayne

"This no fuss style is perfect for girls on the go, heading straight from work for cocktails at a funky bar", says Desley, Principle stylist at Tremayne. Hair is pulled back into a low ponytail, then the hair is teased and tucked under. The top section is smoothed and wrapped over the remaining hair and pinned to secure the style. Great for those used to wearing their hair out.

Asymmetrical Waves, 20's influence.Asymmetrical Waves, 20's influence from Tremayne

Desley says, "this look is very chic and perfect for curly hair". Hair is parted very low on the one side and waved using curling tongs, held in alternating directions to define the large waves. The back section is simply scrunch or diffuse dried to enhance the natural curl. The hair is then pulled to one side and secured in a low ponytail. Shine is of optimum importance with this look.

Retro Flicks.Retro Flicks from Tremayne

"Flash back to the glamour of the 70's Disco Diva's with a gorgeous blow wave to give body, bounce and movement", comments Adam, salon manager at Tremayne. Hold the front sections of your hair a 45 degrees from your head and place the blow dryer underneath to encourage the flicks. Work your way around the perimeter of your hair. When finished smooth over and outwards with hot straightening irons to take away any frizz. Finally spray with a light hair spray holding your hair out and spraying from underneath.

Fun and Funky.Fun and Funky hair from Tremayne

Adam says, "this look is perfect teamed with a sexy top and pants for a fun party". The back section is twisted upwards and secured. The front panel is sectioned into 3 with zigzag partings and twisted upward again securing with bobby pins. A low side parted fringe section is swept across the forehead and tucked behind the ear.

If you would like to know more from any of our features stylists you can find them at:

Wild Life Hairdressing: Milsons Point, NSW.

Raw Hair: Darlinghurst, NSW.

Tremayne Salon: Toorak. VIC.

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