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We all know that a haircut and colour can give you a much needed boost, but when you are thinking about a new style a little inspiration is often needed.

The team at Maurice Meade in Perth, Australia, thought that a good way to inspire you into change was to show you some of the possibilities. Here a group of ordinary people just like you and I, were given the full cut and colour treatment. See the difference the right image can make and get inspired!

Longer hair can drag you down and age you. Going short does not mean getting old as this funky look shows. Christine also suffered from dry hair, so loosing those dehydrated ends, has left her with far less frizzy and more manageable hair.

Angela's long face is given a more flattering oval shape by adding width and using a fringe/bangs.

Camille wanted a short but modern look. Being over 60 does not have to mean the 'woolly head' perm! The layers in this style give you manageability and volume.

Jennie has very fine hair, so the last thing that was going to work for her was letting it get too long. This fun short look can be easily left to dry naturally and then finished with wax, gel or mousse for a more textured or pieced effect.

A short graduated bob has removed all of Linda's old damaged hair and given her a younger look.

Nicole wanted to keep her long hair but wanted something that was easier to manage. This type of long layered effect can be simply left to dry or made glamorous for a night out.

Whether you have an old haircut that is half grown out, or as in Cherie's case two haircuts in one, after an operation, it is often time to take the step of cutting it all off to start again.

Leah had thick long hair which was being neglected through lack of time to deal with it. This new look has removed the bulk and thickness to leave her with a far more modern shape that is easy to manage at the same time.

Bethwyn, looks so good with her new look there is not much to say. Who said long hair was sexy?

Heavy hair as in Marie's original bob shape can drag your features down and make you look hollow and drawn. This layered look lifts the face and the rest of you!

Helen let her last haircut grow out for far too long leaving her with a shape that did nothing for her. This graduated shape gives both movement and volume to fine hair. To keep short to mid length hair at its best trim it every 6 weeks.

Jenny has a beautiful smile, which just needed the perfect frame, rather than holding onto length just for the sake of it.

Jacky needed to loose the school girl look and move into the corporate world. This classic bob should have come with a pay rise it suits her so much.

A combination of short and long layers gives lift and volume to hair like Rebecca's that can tend to be lank and lifeless.


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