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Courtesy of Jayne Wild Hairdressing


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Picture above courtesy of Cataldo's, Canberra ACT


SPRING/SUMMER PREDICTIONS 2004 from Emilio Cataldo of Cataldo's Canberra.

We asked Emilio, one of Australia's most awarded hairdressers, to help us shed some light on what we will all be doing with our hair this summer.

"Summer hair is always relaxed and carefree. Giving hair a certain amount of attitude and respecting your individual features so that the cut or colour enhances them is what really makes it work. With cuts, clever disconnections (some bits longer than others but not joined together) and texturising techniques (ends cut into to create a more messy soft effect) and new products encouraging movement, softness, wearability and freedom. Fringes can be short or long peek-a-boo. Asymmetry continues to create interest and individuality and adds to style options. Wash'n'wear curls and natural texture are encouraged. The look is feminine, sexy and chic."

If your hair is long what are your thoughts, Emilio "Versatility of hair styles is important. Longer layers are left, allowing for pulling back into ponytails or twisting up haphazardly leaving some hair to fall out creating a seductive look, ideal for summer if you have mid to long hair."

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Picture above courtesy of Cataldo's, Canberra ACT



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Pic above from Hairdresser of the Year, Mick Luppino @ Luppino's, NSW, from the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2003).


Sugar Collection: Anthony Nader and Raw


Anthony Nader of Raw Hair in Sydney Australia, is fast becoming know for his editorial images. These 3 pictures above and below are from Anthony and the team at Raw!


Sugar Collection: Anthony Nader and Raw

Sugar Collection: Anthony Nader and Raw




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u need to know to prepare our next look!

As the fashion designers around the world recently presented us with their thoughts for the next season so did the hairdressers, as they came up with styles to complement the clothes. So what has VirtualHairCare gleaned from the catwalks?

We can sum it all up quite simply...movement, texture and volume. If it's flat and straight it's out! Hair has a loose half done appeal, nothing is too structured and large volumus curls are very popular.

We spoke to Shane Henning the well known editorial stylist from NOK Sydney, about his thoughts on what's next, "there is a strong 60's feeling happening in hair right now. Big fringes cut into curved, rounded shapes with this theme following on throughout the haircut. Definately lots of movement and loose curls. Colour is strong and bold, not one solid colour, but as pieces randomly scattered through the hair to enhance the cut. The most important thing though is that the colour shines with a healthy glow".

Schwarkopf professional were the sponsors for the annual Australian Hair Fashion awards held at a very slick ceremony at the Sydney Town Hall on the 1st of March. There were some excellent commercial looks produced and these awards stand out from the point of view that they really are predictors of the new looks in hair. If you want to see what's in and who the best are, take a look at the winners and finalists by pressing this link.

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Congratulations to the new Australian Hairdresser of the year, Lee Cohen of Reds Salon in Cairns. Here above is one of the award- winning shots from the latest collection.


Hemisphere for Hair in Mount Lawley also provided great inspiration with these looks below:

Image: Courtesy of Hemisphere for Hair, Western Australia

best hair mag

Image: Courtesy of Hemisphere for Hair, Western Australia


The AHF Awards take place every February and provide us with some inspiring new looks in hair fashion. Hairdressers are often criticized for creating images that the average person really can't wear but I think we have picked out some here that you can feel comfortable with.

Check out the best of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards by clicking on the link.

We spoke to Mick Luppino, the newly crowned AHFA Hairdresser of the year, about his thoughts on hair for the up and coming season.

Mick Luppino's predictions for summer 2003/2004

"There is a vintage feel to hair, we are calling it 'Virtual Vintage' because although it has its roots in the 50's and 60's it has a very modern edge. The overall look is to have more volume and movement in the hair but not a messy finish, but more styled and sophisticated. Fringes are the hair accessory of the moment, shorter and swept onto the face. Cuts are worn flatter at the sides with height on top and there is lots of movement in the hair in the form of twists and waves, but not curls as such.

An example is the 50's pincurls that we are recreating is a blow-drying technique where you work with a round brush in vertical sections of your hair to give that kick away from the scalp, but not leaving you feeling all "roller set". At Luppino's we feel that it is very important to create styles that can ultimately be recreated by our clients at home without too much time having to be spent doing this. You are not going to find the time to pincurl your hair even if you know pincurling is but it is a relatively easy to learn a new blow-drying technique.

Mick and his teams philosophy is to provide the best quality cut and colour in the shortest possible time and if you want to pay them a visit, they are located in the Fairfield area of Sydney. For more info use about them just press the image below.

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Courtesy Mick Luppino.


Hair Machine in Adelaide, South Australia are always coming up with great new looks that have the advantage of being not only current but user-friendly i.e. you can wear them to events other than fashion parades!

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