Courtesy Alyson Schoer, BBR Sydney.

Thanks to Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads, Sydney Australia.


Light copper by Caterina DiBiase

Courtesy of Caterina DiBiase

Warm mahogany tones from Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Pic courtesy of Caterina DiBiase

Deeper, Richer, Warmer!

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Winter is here and it's time to change your hair color to something a little darker, deeper, warmer or richer like the copper and red hues of hair colour. Take your hair style inspiration from the tones of fall/autumn and introdue them to your sun bleach hair for added shine and often added condition when you add semi or demi permanent hair colour and you will have a seasonal hair change that requires no hair cutting or restyling.

If the very blonde hair colour you thought you wanted has resulted in an obvious regrowth because a hair colour too far removed from your own natural hair colour will always result in the regrowth 'stripe'. Or the time, money and effort of constant touch-ups of your hair colour is becoming too much a hair colour that is a little darker, deeper, richer or warmer is a great hair option.

So what are our options for low maintenance colour without ending up 'boring brown'.

        Stay within two shades of your natural hair colour. Whether that is lighter or darker it does not matter it is the extreme differences that make your colour high maintenance.

        Semi permanent colours are a great way to keep your hair looking shiny and add a difference Be warned that if you do them too often (before the last one fades out completely) or have exceptionally fine or naturally light hair you can end up with a regrowth that looks just like a permanent colour was applied.

        Steer clear of all over permanent colour, unless you are quite grey and want to get rid of the grey look completely or going lighter than your natural colour when it becomes necessary to use permanent colour. Even then you can..

        Use high or low lights to create your desired colour effect. These blend with your natural hair rather than completely cover it, any regrowth is lessened in this way and the need for repeat visits to the salon goes from every 5 to 6 weeks to every 8 to 12 weeks depending on how may and how big a colour change you choose.

        Blending with high or low lights is often a better choice on grey hair. Most of us finally end up with quite a high degree of grey around the face and the regrowth on this can be very noticeable. If using a partial colouring method to disguise or lessen the amount of grey clever placement by a colourist can make this not such an issue in the long term.

Alyson Schoer of Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads in Surrey Hills Sydney adds that many of her clients are "going darker". "The trend is to more natural tones, blondes are going brown but not boring. Colours are rich and velvety but muted and wearable at the same time. Reds are garnet or intense plum but with a hint of gold added which softens their fakeness and takes the pink edge off".

Caterina Di Base of Heading Out Hair and Beauty in Melbourne says her clients are asking for "easy to maintain colours" too. "Tomato reds and copper reds are popular with hidden highlights to avoid high maintenance. Colours will remain rich and bright into summer to work with the bright colours in the clothes we will all be wearing. Caterina's clients are opting for all over semi-permanent colours, which are quick to apply. "No skunk stripes, that we saw a couple of years ago as these require high maintenance, but if clients want some added interest the odd hidden slice or piece of colour is added".


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