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For some colour inspiration we interviewed Patrick McIvor of Patrick McIvor Colour Studio Bethlehem, P. A. and Cutler NYC fame and in one word he predicts the next big thing in colour to be....REDS.

Yep, its been a while but as Patrick pointed out 6 recent US magazine covers have sported luscious redheads, will this mean that the likes of Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts will return to their natural red hues? Also to look out for chunky separated pieces of colour with no discernable starting point and almost a grown out feel, think Drew Barry more in many of her latest shots.

Thanks Patrick for sharing your ideas and and since we did this interview you have been prooved right with a flood of new styles reaching our offices all sport various reds, check these out all from the 2008 AHF Award finalists:

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From Hair Expo 2007 we thought you might like to see something a little different on the colour side of things. These are the latest looks from Hayley Benson of Brad Ngata Hair Direction Sydney. She is one of the finalists in the category Colour Technician of the Year.

What I love about the extreme colour used in these images is that it is still tasteful and beautiful a feat not easily achieved. Using a dark colour ontop of a lighter one is very much leading hair colour fashion right now. So even if your colours of choice are a little less neon you can still emulate the look.

I hope that they liven up your day as much as they did mine and even tempt you into something a little bolder when you next visit the salon.


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Nice 'n easy color

For 2007 colour looks are all about natural hues that are blended where they are not one solid all over tone to simply shimmer with like reflects. Think lush browns and caramels, the natural copper reds and red blondes and if you are blonde its got to be a cool ash variety. The only hint of fake is the occasional tinge of a soft metallic tone to add interest for the most adventurous amongst us. Even in these cases the metallic tones are hidden amongst the main colour to simply shimmer when the hair moves.

All images shown here as examples of current colour looks are courtesy of the winners from the latest British Hairdressing Awards:

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With thanks to Lisa Shepherd Salons (Emma Stevens and Tim Scott-Wright) and Hooker and Young's (Gary Hooker and Michael Young)

For more from the guys at Hooker & Young we have 20 Tips for Blonde

2006 saw a definite move towards solid colour's with the ends either lighter or darker, if highlights are used they are subtle variations of the main colour giving the effect of a solid shimmering hue. This was opposed to the highlighted stripes of the previous season and although 2007 has moved still further forward on the solid colour theme these looks are still quite fresh so worth a quick look through for some inspiration.

All images are from collections by Nancy Rao, Kerry Goudas and Geoffrey Herberg finalists in the Creative Colourist category of the 2006 AHF Awards.

The Blondes The Reds The Browns
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