A new type of brush or a styling revolution?

Look out for the new ceramic brushes and other products, that are available in salons and will hit the general market soon. Ceramics to most of us mean plates and bowls but some bright spark got the idea that certain types of ceramics retain heat and as such would help us to dry and style our hair.

Previously various metals have been used as the centres for brushes and the plates of flat irons and tongs but as many of us know to our detriment we can over do it and burn our hair. It turns out that by replacing the metal with ceramics it not only does the job better but is less harmful to the hair.


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What's New in Accessories?

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Hair accessories are the jewelry of hair the clips, pins, alicebands and ribbons. Hair accessories can also be the brushes, combs, hairdryers, hot styling irons and crimpers.

The Alice Band makes a come back

Hair Inspirations: Klaus Peter Ochs uses the alice band to add to this 1960's hair style

Klaus Peter Ochs uses the alice band to add to this 1960's hair style

Whether we are talking the hard plastic type or the head scarf the Alice band is back in fashion. Use it to hold long hair off your face or for something new with short hair. They are also of great use when growing out a fringe.

Hair bands used with an up hair style from Brad Ngata

The 'ballerina' look has been a feature of some of the latest catwalk shows. Use a delicate head band to add extra detail but make sure that it is natural in co lour (tortuous shell is a good choice) and definitely no showy additions.

Images thanks to the 2007 AHFAwards and Valonz


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