Pic from Oscar Cullinan @ Oscar Oscar and Synergy Salons Australia.


In the News:

Oscar Cullinan, is on the verge of unleashing Sydney ’s hottest new salon in the fashion precinct of Paddington. This will be his new Oscar Oscar Synergy Flagship Salon.

Guests will be invited to experience boutique-pampering services including relaxing head massages, luxurious treatments and professional eyebrow shaping.

Also amongst Oscar’s team of editorially trained stylists and technicians is Shari Reynolds. Shari , a highly respected worldwide renowned colourist, has come from the floors of Bumble and Bumble in New York , and who’s history includes being a royal colourist for the Queen.

T he salon, located at 320 Oxford St Paddington officially opens on its doors on the 15 th of November.

T o be the first to indulge in Sydney ’s best salon experiences phone 02 9360 7739 to book an appointment or a professional consultation and mention you heard about it through VirtualHairCare.com

Whats Next, from Oscar Cullinan

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If you really want to turn heads this Summer…think big!

Summer hair will be big and beautiful, full of body, with luxurious volume and movement. We saw a trend for natural movement and volume sneak in at the start of the year when boho was the rage, but now its time to turn it up a notch, because big is back!

Oscar Cullinan, 2005 Australian Hairdresser of the Year and Owner of Oscar Oscar Salons in Australia , predicts this big volume look will be the hot look down-under in Australia this summer…

“I recently traveled to Europe to catch a first-hand look at what’s the big hair trends overseas, and I noticed all the women oozed vintage glamour and sex appeal, their hair was big and had lots of bounce and movement. This is achieved through soft gentle layering, not the really disconnected and thinned-out rock look we have seen over the last few years. Instead the hair needs to maintain most of its weight so it can hold a curl and have bounce!

I noticed that here in Australia women are starting to request this in my salons, especially in Sydney where the overseas trends always hit first. It is definitely going to be the biggest look for Summer!

As far as products are concerned we are going to see a lot more sales in volumising products, round brushes and a resurge in using velcro rollers!”

Oscar is the current AHFA 2005 Hairdresser of the Year


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