Photo by Anna Deutsch

Guests get their hair done by Joh Bailey professionals using the new line of Joh Bailey Electric


The Touch to Go 2200W Ionic Hairdryer


Salon Straightener with Ceramic Technology


Men's Clipper Set



All pictures courtesy of Joh Bailey Electric


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Joh Bailey Electric Launch Party

By Anna Deutsch

Picture courtesy of Joh Bailey Electric

11th October, 2006

A handful of Sydney's chicest gathered in the Joh Bailey Salon at Myer Sydney on Wednesday night to celebrate the launch of Joh Bailey Electric, the new line of styling items by Joh Bailey. The line consists of nine products, including hair dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, and men ’ s grooming products. Bailey, a homegrown Australian talent, has been in the business for over 20 years and has styled the tresses of scores of famous beauties such as Eva Longoria, Elle Macpherson, and the late Princess Diana.

The always fabulous Bailey greeted nearly every guest as he walked around the salon in his tight jeans with a big smile on his face. Guests were able to sign up for a free styling session by a trained Joh Bailey professional using the new electric line. By the end of the night the ladies were looking more fabulous than when they arrived- their hair curled or straitened to perfection.

After being introduced by business partner Daniel Bush of Bush Australia, Bailey took to the podium to address the group. He proudly admitted that launching this line had been a long time goal of his. An average grade school student, Bailey said he got his start in the industry by responding to an ad for a hair apprenticeship in the Sydney Morning Herald and immediately loved the world of hair. "I am as passionate today as I was 20 years ago,” he told the crowd.

He went on to demonstrate several of the products. "There was a time where I believed only I could make your hair look fabulous. And I was right!” Bailey mused. But he went on to say, “Now I hand it over to you girls; I'll let you have a turn using the most amazing tools. This way, I'll be in your bathroom with you every morning." The product that will likely be the most popular is the “ Touch to Go ” hairdryer, which automatically switches itself on when picked up and turns off when put down. It uses ionic technology to help control frizz for a smooth finish. After demonstrating the hairdryer and showing off a few other items like a clipper set for men, Bailey graciously thanked his dedicated clients and business partners.

VirtualHairCare caught up with the man of the hour for a few tips. When asked for home blowdrying advice Bailey said a nozzle was the only way to go, adding that it is just impossible to do it right without one. He also said not to start blowdrying when hair is still dripping wet, but to air dry it quite a bit first. As for trends this year, Bailey said that dead straight, smooth hair will be making a comeback, replacing the current trend of waves and curls.

Whether the hair is curly or straight, if Joh Bailey is involved it will certainly look great. And now with Joh Bailey Electric gives women get the chance to achieve that red carpet hair that he is so famous for from their own home. As Bailey says, "There is no excuse for a bad hair day!”

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