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Congratulations to Jayne Wild of Wild Life Hairdressing in Sydney on winning Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2004.

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An interview with Jayne Wild, Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2004

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Gabrielle McCarthy, editor of got this scoop from Jayne on the latest trends in hair.

Gabe: "What are your predictions in hair/colour for the coming season"?

Jayne: "More movement and texture within the hair cut - length going from shorter to longer or vice-versa - we call this an A-line shape. Also using disconnection (a 00's version of an undercut), but not always underneath, can be used at the fringe or in the hair to give overhangs and softness. The cut softens stronger lines".

Gabe: "What are the most requested styles in the salon at the moment?

Jayne: "The most requested at the moment? Any sort of fringe, either short and textured, long and sweepy or blunt classic fringe, not really a particular length in the rest of the cut".

Gabe: What do you think it is most important, for a client to tell you, so that you can get their hairstyle right for them?"

Jayne: Be honest with us, really tell us what you are thinking and let us know how long you have to spend on your hair. Don't use 'hairdresser' terms when describing your new look, use laymens terms such as touch, feel, look. Listen to your hairdresser as to suitability, what you want and what suits you may be two completely different things.

Gabe: "What are your favourite products right now?"

Jayne: Products? In three letters G.H.D - to narrow it down, personally - DSM Shampoo and Conditioner and FAT Hair. I have skinny hair and it makes my hair feel fab!!

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Gabe: "What are your tips for styling your hair at home?

Jayne: "Get your products and equipment right. Starting from the right shampoo through to correct brush, dryer etc. Give yourself a fighting chance to recreate what your hairdresser creates. Ask your stylist for home hair care tips and instructions, before you leave the Salon".


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