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eSalon from Sydney's Northern suburbs are way more than your average suburban salon with a team that competes with the best hairdressers nationally and internationally. Their latest collection of images are from salon owner Emiliano Vitale and are collectively called 'Organic'.

The idea behind product-free hair, styled to push the boundaries with exaggerated textures and shapes, leads you to é salon’s newest collection: ORGANIC.

Inspired by hair in its natural state, ORGANIC takes influence from the naturally formed shapes and textures found in nature; more directly, the ruggedly beautiful and native surroundings of Auckland, New Zealand.

The shapes created in ORGANIC are reminiscent of the dynamic forms created by the bodies of water, textured landscape and the rugged bush land of the National Forests leading up to PIHA.

ORGANIC translates the New Zealand landscapes into a clean, modern style, whilst managing to maintain the hair in its natural state. The perfect gloss & finish of the bob reflects the glassy lakes of NZ; the tousled curls and stressed ends represent the unpredictability of the bush land; Soft angles and luscious ripples capture the mountainous landscapes and twisting river ways.

ORGANIC is nature and simplicity.

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Inspired by the intensity, yet pureness of the natural forests of New Zealand, this is the
embodiment of the Organic Collection. The hair has a free and natural movement paired with an
air of softness, innocence and purity.
Innocent Nymph
Like wild waves crashing on the shore or trees swirling in the wind, this serenity of shape and the
mildness of the texture around the face bring us to the organic coastline. Soft and sumptuous,
with a wildness at heart.
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Serene Gloss
Strangely peaceful amongst the elements, the unassuming beauty and strength of this bob
reflects the peace and tranquility of the New Zealand lakes. Definite edges, sharp inclines and a
reflective gloss; this is a classic shape of the ages.
Organic Fusion
The curls in their natural state represent the unpredictability and hidden ruggedness of the
wilderness. The lush, naturalness of the curls at the crown fuse beautifully with the slightly
stressed and tortured ends.
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Lush Organic
A throwback to Agent 99, this image represents an organic twist on this conventional 60s girl.
The hair is set and loosely styled to mimic the undulating nature & shape of the hills. The fringe
sets off the eyes and invites us deeper into the forest.

Vixen Bob
A classic Box bob with slightly stressed ends both on the fringe and at the base, to add
movement and a little individuality.


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Produced for 2008 Australian Hair Fashion Awards where Emiliano is one of the NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year finalists.

Makeup: Carolyn Haslett, Luana Vitale
Styling: Ana Macdonald, Peta-Marie Rixon
Photography: Peter Tabor



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