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Congratulations to Brad Ngata of Brad Ngata Hair Direction in Sydney on winning Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2005.

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An interview with Brad Ngata, Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2005

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Gabrielle McCarthy, editor of Virtualhaircare.com got this scoop from Brad on the latest trends in hair.

Gabe: "What are the most requested styles and services in the salon at the moment?

Brad: "Everything is still about using the natural texture in hair and lots of layers, but it has moved on from last season where it was more bed head and messy and is now more finished. By that I mean getting out your ceramic irons and smoothing the curl a little or moving it in a specific direction (see image to the right). This sort of hair means optimum health so we are doing lots of treatments especially protein ones. The colours we are doing are all the creamy blondes and orangey copper reds in all their variations from subtle to really bright".

Gabe: "What are your predictions in hair/colour for the coming season"?

Brad: "A move to more solid shapes (loose your layers) with plenty of strength, a clean basic shape haircut. I also think pee-a-boo fringes and texture on the crown area would be my prediction. The real change from where we are at now though will be the return of the big round brush blow-dry aka 5th Avenue New York style. As for colour, at the salon we are really into flashes of colour, just a few shades lighter than your base or natural colour and of the same tone family. These flashes we place just behind the ear or just under the parting so that they peek out as your hair moves, so they can be strong but are sutably placed. The other look that is making a reemergence is the full-bleach blonde thanks to Gwen Stephanie".

Gabe: What do you think about the reemergence of perming to create texture and movement in the hair, is it really popular in the salon?"

Brad: The new perm is chemical straightening, we are not getting any requests at Brad Ngata Hair Direction for texturizing or curly/wavy perms. I think that a lot of clients once had an 80's perm and swore that they would never try it again. Whether textured or straight hair is in fashion there will always be people with frizzy curly hair that need to get is under control with the help of chemical straightening".

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Thanks Brad and congratulations to you and your talented team on your many wins at this years Hair Expo.

Talking of a talented team, here are some images from Cameron Rains (below) and Nigel Hazon (left, below) who won the titles of New Creative Force and Apprentice of the Year respectively.

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