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20 Tips for Blonde Hair

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Gary Hooker & Michael Young of Hooker & Young, recent winners of the title Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician 2006, share some great tips with all you VirtualHairCare blondes.

  1. Sienna Miller is one of our favourite blondes. Her hair always looks clean and fresh and is the perfect looking for her skin tone and life style.
  2. Golden blonde isn’t a seasonal colour and works all year round. Pale skins suit warm golden blonde but it can drain porcelain skin and clash with olive skin.
  3. A beautiful colour of blonde for spring/summer is an expensive, beach blonde – think Paris Hilton without the dog! Her hair colour is lovely but the styling and make-up doesn’t always work. She would suit the colour much better is the hair was cut shorter.
  4. If you are looking for a subtle change of colour to lift your hair then try some fine highlights. These can provide a soft, sun kissed feel – perfect for colour virgins!
  5. Kylies short blond crop is looks amazing. The colour gives her a healthy glow and looks fresh and natural. The scattered highlights allow her natural hair colour to shine through while specific areas pick up the blonde tones.
  6. If you are looking for a more definite look then try slices. They create a fuller, high-fashion look and leave a bolder statement.
  7. You are going blonde then it don’t need to get a full head of colour. Why not try a few highlights around the face to create the illusion of blonde hair.
  8. Remember that going blonde takes dedication! Depending on the colour you go roots can appear within a couple of weeks so you will need the dedication and cash flow to keep on top of the colour. If this doesn’t suit you then opt for highlights or slices of blonde placed under the top layer of your hair.
  9. If you decide to go lighter, then it tends to life the skin tone and eye colour, so think about investing in new make-up to compliment this.
  10. Cameron Diaz suits being a blonde better than brunette – and the colour difference is a great example of how people perceive you. As a blonde Cameron was bubbly, sport, cheeky and full of personality, but as a brunette she may look sophisticated but gives off a demure, reserved persona. Maybe this is why Justin finished it?
  11. If you like Christina and Gwen’s full head of blonde then you need to be brave! This is a dramatic colour procedure, which you need to think about. It is high maintenance and requires a lot of time and effort to keep it looking good. Remember – celeb’s have hair stylists on hand everywhere they go!
  12. Before you have any colour done your hair should be in the best possible condition. Kerastase Micromist treatment is perfect for rejuvenating hair and packs each strand of hair with nutrition ingredients.
  13. Blonde hair doesn’t reflect light and never shines like brunettes so need all the help it can get. We always use Matrix Biolage Shine Renewal to give hair that luxurious finish.
  14. With summer on it’s way we need to prepare blonde hair for the holiday season. Sun, swimming and late nights can have a strong effect on your hair so use Voile Protecteur from Kerastase’s Soleil range, which is an invisible non-oily protection spray perfect for looking after your hair in summer.
  15. Icy blondes are a ready strong look and work best as a crop. Pale skin doesn’t work well with cool blondes as a warm skin tone in needed to counteract the shades.
  16. Madonna has been many levels of blonde throughout the years – some worked and some didn’t. The honey blonde was quite aging on her, the cool blonde was too severe but the copper blonde worked well with her skin tone and lifestyle at the that time.
  17. If you would like to go blonde but no sure about colouring your hair, why not try Hairaisers hair extensions. Available in various shades of blonde, the clip-in extensions are the easiest way of changing you colour without the commitment colour needs.
  18. For added shine try the Kerastase Reflection range. It is a light-reflecting product range that leaves your hair with a mirror-like shine.
  19. Nicole Kidman is a beautiful, classic blonde. She has lightened her hair from a strawberry blonde to a amber blonde which works better with the skin tone and eye colouring giving her a warm, glowing persona.
  20. When your hair is coloured it is essential to treat it well. A good product to use to keep hair strong and healthy looking is Kerastase Bain of Force shampoo for weakened hair – a hair care essential!


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