Pic Courtesy Hair Expo and Shane Henning @ NOK Sydney.

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Courtesy Caterina DiBiase Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Mel, Vic.



Finding the Cut to suit You

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We come across a friend who complaints that "they just don't like their new hairstyle and they don't know why. Most people take a look at it and realise that it doesn't look good but just can't put their finger on why. Even experienced hairdressers will sometimes have a hard time spotting the problem.

For the average person on the street it is about realising that everybody is different. We are different heights and weights and have different shaped heads and faces. When we realise this it is easy to spot what is the best for you. This section is dedicated to telling you about hair and how it looks on certain people and is aimed at helping you to choose the right style to suit you. So take a look through the following lists to find out what you really want:

The Collections- a comprehensive series of individual salon and industry hairdressing award images to grab your imagination when it comes to the possibilities for your next hair cut.

Haircuts to suit your face shape.

Haircuts: Some simple basic rules.

Fringes 'they're hot'

What is the 'thinning hair' technique?

What's in: The latest looks for men.

What's in: The latest looks for women.

The bob: a classic and the next big thing

Afro hair inspiration - For men - For women

What's in: Celebrity looks.

Men's looks picture gallery.

Women's looks picture gallery.

Image from the 2007 Hair Expo Awards Hairdresser of the Year finalist Damien Rinaldo Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia.




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