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Creating those Textured "Messy" Looks

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If you've been trying to achieve that messy, just got out-of-bed look and ended up looking like you've spent the night sleeping rough then this page is for you. Other people seem to make it look so easy, but at the end of the day, it's all about using the right product for the job and making sure it's the right one for your hair.

A professional recommendation is a good place to start, so whilst you are watching your hairdresser create your new look as them what they are using and how to use it. In store always ask, department stores and those with floor staff make it easier to find someone that knows about haircare.

Now that you are armed with the right stuff, what next? This is where even the best product will not work if you don't adjust your attitude to creating what you want with your hair. Gone are the days of blow-drying it nicely, then using your chosen product to stop it from moving. For these textured looks, it is not about being good at blow-drying, it's all in the cut, the 'finishing product' and applying it right. That is opposed to the 'styling product' which you put in to control your hair as you blow-dry. So here are the steps to getting that look after getting the right cut and right product:

  1. Dry your hair with your hands, not a brush. Any which way really, rubbing the root area to create a few tangles can help if you have the sort of hair that needs volume.
  2. Take a small portion of the chosen product and rub it around your hands. Use a small amount first because you can always add more (and you will have to shampoo to remove too much). Use your logic when using as the size of the container tells me I'm not going to need a lot. Rubbing it around your hands allows it to be spread through your hair evenly rather than in a blob.
  3. Start working your hands through your hair lightly and then more firmly as the product wears off. This is again to help spread it out.
  4. Now go for it by really pushing your hair from side to side to make shapes like your mom did with the shampoo when you were a kid. This is the attitude adjusting bit I was talking about.
  5. As you have now realised you can use these new generation products to mould numerous shapes out of your hair and change them several times over so as to create what you really want! Start to smooth bits in the direction you want them to go, pull others out using your finger tips, and if the look doesn't work, mess it up and start again.
  6. Final tip/stage: unless you are really having fun, know when to stop. Step back, really take in the whole effect, and know it will never be exactly the same each time.

Those who found they could not stop at stage 6 should consider a career in hairdressing or a psychiatry!

Courtesy David Mercer Winner Asian Hairdresser of the Year 2001 AHI Awards

Above from David Mercer (Asian Hairdresser of the Year 2001 AHI Awards).

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