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Trichology is the specialist field in dealing with problems of the hair and scalp. These include hair loss, baldness, scaling of the scalp, itching and hair breakage.

The Trichology profession is a great future career path, especially if you have existing experience in the haircare industry or even some medical experience (such as nursing).

Becoming a trichologist offers you the chance to join an established group of professionals backed by the network of resources and a strong association. The rewards are the potential for extremely high earnings running your own clinic.

The International Association of Trichologists is a global organisation providing accredited courses by correspondence supervised by the board of the IAT.

Make a career change by realising your full potential. Find out more about these courses at the International Association of Trichologists information pages on the link below:

For much more information about trichology also go and check out:

Trichologists: Hair and Scalp Specialists

Trichology is one of the premier professions within the hair care industry.

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