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Are in-salon "treatments" better than those I can do at home?

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Although we recommend an in-salon treatment, we also realise it is not always practical, due to time or other constraints. At the end of the day, some form of treatment is better than none. Therefore a combination of the two is often the answer. If your hair has suffered some sort of server condition problem, then start with a trip to your salon and follow up at home, depending on the advice of your hairdresser. Remember too that regular trims are a must.

What makes the difference is the expertise of the hairdresser. It is very difficult for you to work out whether your hair needs protein or moisture and your hairdresser will be able tell this at a glance. Also, although many of the products may look the same, the in salon version is often "stronger" because the manufacturers can make it so knowing it will be used correctly by someone trained in that field. If you ask your hairdresser, they may agree to give you a professional treatment to apply yourself at home with the correct instructions. But that is up to your particular hairdresser.

The addition of heat may help certain products to penetrate more deeply into the hair, getting them to work where needed. Hairdressers often use steam or heat, which will enhance any treatment done in the salon. You can reproduce this at home by covering your hair with a plastic cap or cling wrap, then using your hairdryer (not too close or hot) or by sitting in a hot bath to add the heat.

Treatments when you are trying to put condition back into your hair should be repeated once a week (or twice in extreme cases) and/or the manufactures instructions followed (see treatments general for more info on this). More often than this will not
improve the condition any more quickly, as your hair will not be able to absorb what you are trying to add and it will go to waste.

We recommend that you consult your hairdresser when in doubt.

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