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Getting the best out of Shampooing your Hair

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It may sound silly, but most of us shampoo our hair so badly that we cause ourselves problems. Even if the hair you have is a "number one" or a buzz cut read on, as a dry flaky scalp can look at its worst when you have no hair to cover it.

Basically, the message is: don't use too much shampoo! As a general rule use less than you think. Ads with lots of foam covered heads mean we try to achieve this when we shampoo our hair. Don't! The first shampoo should not foam at all as the "soap" is being used getting rid of grease and grime. With the second shampoo, you should see a little lather as this means that all the grease and grime is now gone and the amount of shampoo was just right.

So, when applying shampoo to your hair always:

  • Put it a blob onto one of your hands first and then spread it between them then dab your shampoo covered hands over your head, applying small amounts all over the place and, as less is left on your hands, work more firmly to remove the remainder.
  • Do a really long, thorough rinse before you condition, not after.

Correct and uniform application of the product will prevent you from having to return to the bottle for a second serve either because you have managed to fling the original portion all over the bathroom or because you have vainly tried to spread blobs of shampoo over your scalp without success. Thorough rinsing afterwards, is the key to preventing patches of dry itchy scales from forming on the scalp. Being creatures of habit, we apply a great big blob of shampoo to exactly the same spot over and over again. We then don't rinse that area enough to remove all of it. The result: dry patches!

The other good reason for really thoroughly rinsing before we condition is because the conditioner we apply next has the effect of sealing left over shampoo to the scalp just as it seals the hair to make it smooth and easy to comb.

If you ever suffer from a dry flaky scalp, we at VirtualHairCare would recommend that you don't use a "2 in 1" type of product as we feel that these build up in your hair because there is no rinse in between.

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