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"Salon Phobia" and how to handle it

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You are not alone if you are slightly phobic about visits to the hairdresser and people have all sorts of worries when going "to the chair". These can be things like:

  • "I never get what I want",
  • " I have an embarrassing scalp problem".
  • "It's as terrifying as going to the dentist",
  • "I don't feel trendy",

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We're not psychologists but we have attempted to jot down a few pointers that may make life a little easier:

  • Salons these days are very service- orientated and really are there to help you. If you would prefer to have someone visit you in your home many salons offer this service at an hourly rate.
  • If you have problems going to the hairdresser for any reasons, find a slightly older hairdresser to look after you. The older hairdresser has seen all possible hair and scalp problems after a few years in the profession and have a good grasp on many of the other real issues in life.
  • Consultations are usually free and offer you not only the chance to get an idea of what would be done to your hair but to check out the salon and the hairdresser to see if you feel comfortable. For more details see free consultations.
  • If you walk in and are given the "once over", like they do in designer clothes stores, either walk out and go somewhere else or think about the fact that the person giving you the look is probably on less than half of what you earn and could not afford to be there if they did not work there!
  • Hairdressers are people too, and they are also people who have problems and issues like your own, the only difference being they are used to walking into a salon!



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