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Avoiding neck ache in the Salon

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Any hairdresser who finds themselves here, take note that this issue rates very highly on the list of reasons why clients hate going to salons!

It's actually really important to be comfortable, not just to make sure that your salon visit is the time-out experience in pampering that you would like, but to ensure that you don't end up with a more serious problem than a just sore neck.

The basin is the worse culprit. The trick is to not have your neck baring all of the weight. Make sure your hairdresser practices the following, if not, ask them to:

  • Your chair should support the weight somewhere across your mid back. If this isn't the case your chair is either too close or too far away from the basin.
  • If the chair is not the type that you can move then alter your position or raise your feet, many salons have a footstool just for this specific purpose.
  • There should be a soft sponge for your neck to rest on, if not, ask the hairdresser as they often slip off.
  • Finally don't use your towel to cushion your neck, not only does this not work, but you will find that the water will soak into it and then onto your clothes.
  • The main cutting chair is normally very comfortable but if it is not then let the hairdresser know.




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