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Getting the most from your next Hair Salon visit

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In a lot of ways, this section is what the "Virtual Salon" is all about. Presented in the form of a "survival guide" to salon services, its focus is on communicating with your hairdresser so that you get exactly what you want. So many people complain that they are misunderstood in the salon so select from the list below to find out how to ask and how to get the right service every time.

Free consultations

Choosing a good hairdresser or salon

Avoiding neck ache in the salon.

Making sure that your hairdresser understands what you want.

How much does it cost?

Help! It's "not what I wanted" or it's "never the same the next time"!

The difference between "foils" and "cap highlights".

Timing your next salon visit.

"Salon phobia" and how to handle it.

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