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Repeating what your hairdresser did when you get home

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So you just can't get it to look vaguely like it did when you left the salon? `There is only really one way of dealing with this besides getting your stylist to do your hair every day. When getting your next haircut, pay special attention when it comes to the blow-drying and get your hairdresser to talk you through it. This is far more beneficial than hearing the latest gossip!

The hairdresser will be only too pleased to impart their hard-earned knowledge and show you a few tricks. Ask them also what products and brushes to use yourself. The type of brush is important as they may use one that you would find hard to handle and there may be a more simple variation for home use. Ask them also to watch you blow-dry a section and to put you right when you go wrong. This should all be part of the service but often the hairdresser assumes that you would not want to know!

If you have already had the cut and can't duplicate it, return to the salon for a demonstration of how to. It is in the hairdressers and the salons best interest that your hair is a good advert for them. You may not even need an appointment but we suggest you call first. Most salons will do this free of charge but ask to make sure.

I attended a fabulous 'blow dry and bubbles' evening at Wildlife Hairdressing in Sydney recently. For any salon this type of evening is a great marketing idea and for those of us that always struggle with our blow drying skills it is a must try. The bubbles were of the champagne variety which relaxed me enough to give it a go and the blow dry was by me but with expert tuition. My stylist took me through everything from the tools I needed and how to hold them to tips and tricks. The language used was easy to understand and the fact that I was made to complete the whole thing myself really proved to me that it was possible at home. Thanks to all at Wildlife.


Image courtesy Dieter Mersmann @ Wildlife Hairdressing Milsons Point Sydney

If your after an instant fix, which is normal in these circumstances, we suggest that you visit our section on blow-drying for some online tips.


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