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How much will it Cost?

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Salon service costs vary from salon to salon, state to state. Here is some simple advice to make sure you don't get hit with a bill that might make Paris Hilton blink!

  • When you book, ask for the price of the total service.
  • When you chat with your hairdresser ask for the price again and check what is extra. This is because the price you are given on the phone may be the basic one only and salons often charge more for "extras" which you may think are included but are not.
  • If you are having a colour or perm, reconfirm the price. You will be quoted based on what you have booked for but during the consultation this could change e.g. you booked for a tint but you really have tinted highlights. Sounds similar but the price can be very different.
  • There are variable charges for differing lengths of hair in many salons and you may class your hair as short but the salon may not.
  • Blow drying can also be extra. If you are not having a cut, the blow-dry is often an add-on, so check that it is included with your colour or perm.
  • Many salons define a shake dry after a colour/perm as free but a blow-dry with a brush as a charged-for service. So understand the difference and don't just assume it's free when you are given the option.
  • If you are asked if you would like anything whether it be a coffee, a few foils or a conditioner it does not hurt to ask the price.

At the end of the day hairdressers get just as embarrassed as you when the price of a service is not clear when you come to paying the bill. So it's always best to ask first.

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