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Yes, there are some things for free in this world, and one of them is the hair consultation. We can't think of any hairdressing salon that charges for a consultation but there may be some out there, so ask first. Hair consultations are the best way to find a new hair stylist, get an idea of the cost of a hair cut or hair color change, work out what your hairstyle options are and how much time you need to allocate for the process.

Most of the time you won't require a salon booking unless you want to see a particular stylist at the salon. Try to avoid a salons busy times (Saturdays and late nights). This will ensure you don't wait too long and get more attention.

Generally, you should get a consultation prior to any salon service but you may feel pressured to stay even if you find yourself not in agreement with what is being said. So a pre-appointment consultation gives you the opportunity to think about it. When returning for the appointment, repeat all that you previously discussed, as the hairdresser may have seen many other clients since you came in for your consultation and you would not want your needs confused with someone else.

If you are time poor and get your consultation immediately before your cut, ideally ensure that it is done before you put on the generic gown. This makes sure the stylist can see you for who you are. If you are in a work uniform then let them know what you normally wear.

For more tips on talking to your hairdresser, check out our section making sure that your hairdresser understands you. It can make a big difference to be able to tell your hairdresser exactly what you want.

Anthony Whitaker, leading stylist leaves us with this advice:

"Clients should never feel afraid to have a consultation with a hairdresser. Once you have spoken to two or three hairdressers, you'll soon work out who's on your wave length"

Thanks to Antony Whitaker

Courtesy Anthony Whitaker

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