The hairdresser has forgotten the style or has left, and you have to get another stylist reproduce it?

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For your hairdresser to remember exactly what they did with your hair last salon visit, especially if some time has elapsed between hair styles or cuts, is very difficult. So the easiest way to jolt their memory is to repeat everything about the last hairdressing salon visit verbally and visually. This applies to your regular hairstylist as well as a new hairdresser. We also have a few tips about how to keep a hairdresser happy!

It was what you said the last time that got you the look you wanted. So repeat it all. If you say "you remember what you did last time", of course your stylist is going to say "yes" as they don't wish to offend you! Take the same pic from the magazine that you showed them, even if it is now tatty from the length of time it was in the bottom of your bag! Remind them about a topic you discussed as this can trigger a memory linked to your hair style.

The same applies to having a new stylist or colorist looking after your hair. The only way you are going to get a similar look is if you had a photo of either yourself taken straight after the last session or a photo of the hair color or style you based your look on from a magazine.

Let your hairdresser know how many weeks since your last hair cut as this lets them know how much your hair has grown approximately and therefore how much length to take off.

If you liked one part of the hair style or the opposite, as we often recall problem areas more easily, tell the hairdresser what worked or didn't.

Lifestyle topics like the sport you play or the job you do are not just conversation to a hairdresser as they will limit your hair possibilities e.g. if it has to be tied up or you can wear your hair a little more edgy because you work in a club, so make sure you mention these things again. We cover this in more detail on our page on consultations.

Think about what you wear to the salon as what you wore the last time would of given the hairstylist a certain impression of you that would of resulted in the style you liked so much so try to repeat that image. 'As a hairdresser myself I find the hardest people to style are those that wear a work uniform to the salon as that tells me nothing about them'.

Shoes are a very important part of our wardrobe and often over looked but not by your hair professional as all that pokes out from beneath a gown is your feet so many a hair styling assumption can be made about you based on your foot wear!

Turn up on time!! Not early, not late, but on time or call ahead to check the best time to arrive. If you are very early you can fluster your hairdresser as he/she will not want to keep you waiting and then may rush the all important consultation. If you are late then your hairstylist will have to cut corners to fit you into your allocated time slot and something will be skipped over either the consultation so your needs won't be known or the cutting and blow drying itself so it just won't be the same as last time when you were on time for your hair appointment.

Finally we all have our off days and so does your hairdresser. If your hair stylist appears from the back room all swollen eyed and blotchy from tears shed over a broken relationship .... reschedule!


Old fashioned finger waves given a modern twist by Angelo Seminara

Image from Angelo Seminara at Trevor Sorbie London

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