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How to choose a 'good' hairdresser

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No one wants to go to a bad hairdresser so how do we choose a good one?

I bet you never knew that 80% of a salons new clients are recommended by their existing clients! If you're not a salon owner then you may think that's not such a useful fact to know but what its telling us is that being recommended to a hair stylist or salon means that you are more likely to like what you get. Your friends aren't going to recommend anything to you that they don't think you would like and you are not going to take their advice if you don't value their opinion or like their hair.

If you can't rely on your friends for a recommendation then why not ask someone that you don't know! As a hairdresser I've often had clients come to me that have simply asked someone in the street who's hair is the style or colour they want.

The look of a salon is also a good indicator of what to expect. If the salon is clean and fresh with up to date decor and staff that look like they take a pride in their appearance, this will tell you a lot about whether they keep up with trends and advances in hair care and styles. Also, look out for awards and photographs done by the salon staff themselves. New one's that is not old!

As we cover in another section, a consultation is very important. If you feel that someone is on your wave length and has a good understanding of what you want then you are more likely to get it. Consultations give you the opportunity to back out if you don't feel this and therefore are better done/booked in advance of your first appointment. For more on consultations.

Finally you really do get what you pay for in life and hairdressing services are no exception. Top hairdressers charge top prices because they are popular. Those that are priced just below that are often very good but maybe not so well known but those that are cheap cannot perform at their best as they have to cut corners somewhere to make any money. So whether that's on training or allowing enough time to do a good job, cheap equals's cheap!


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