Ash blonde works on dark skin but the copper colour would wash this model out if it was all over image from Maria Legudi @ Heading Out Hair & Beauty
Jacen Ward of Toni & Guy has created a perfect copper for this warm skin tone
Pale skin and blue eyes are used to great contrast here making a basic dark brown look like a high fashion statment. This only works when you are young and have perfect skin other wise stick to the rules of hair colouring. Image Paula Kelly


How do I choose a Hair colour to suit me? Finding the method to suit your needs.

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When considering a hair colour change you really want a color that will enhance the rest of your facial features and skin tone rather than detract or overwhelm your face and natural skin pigments. The way the right hair colour can bring out your eyes and make your skin look healthy is quite amazing. It's no good getting the same hair colour as your friend or Jennifer Anniston (or any other celebrity hair color) as it may not have the effect you desire! These hair colouring tips may help you find the colour for you:

If you have a blemished skin avoid the solid all-over colours that are really very blonde or very dark. These two extremes are really only flattering to those under 25 and with clear skins.

If you have pinkish tones in your cheeks, across your nose or have a tendency to blush, avoid the pinky reds e.g. burgundy's, wine reds and mahoganies. Adding more pink or red will only add to those unwanted skin tones.

Your skin tone is categorized as being either cool (olive/yellow based or dark) or warm (fair or pinkish undertones). If you add more of the tones you have in your skin to your hair you will make yourself look ill or washed out. This is because your hair will begin to either blend with your skin color or exaggerate unwanted skin tones.

Examples of this are those of you that have red cheeks or blush easily, would generally be warm skin toned and should not add pinky reds to the hair as it would exaggerate the red cheeks. If you have lots of olive tones in your skin color then choosing a golden blonde or soft copper colour would make you look more yellow and sick and enhance any dark circles under your eyes.

As a generalization if you are Asian, Hispanic, Southern European or dark skin toned you would be classed as having a cool skin tone.

If you have freckles, paper fine white skin with pinkish cheeks and a tendancy to blush you have a warm skin tone.

If your hair is grey and you are trying to work out your skin tone it can be a little simpler. Salt and pepper grey where the grey hair is a pure or clean white tend to have a cool skin tone.

If your grey tends to look more golden or yellowed your skin tones are often on the warm side.


If you have cool skin tones the basic rule is avoid too much added yellow in your hair colour as your hair and skin will begin to blend. Colour's that may work for you are:

    Light ash-blondes,

    Coffee and cendre/fawn mid-level blondes,

    Flat browns,

    Wine, mahogany and burgundy reds,

    Aubergine/eggplant and blue/green dark browns and blacks.


If you have a warm skin tone avoid too much ash in your hair color as this can make you appear pale and drawn. Try colors within these ranges:

    Honey light blondes,

    Strawberry and golden mid-level blondes,

    Warm chocolate browns,

    Ginger or orange based reds,

    Dark browns with a hint of rust.

Your eye colour in combination with how dark or light your skin is plays a big part in how light or how dark a colour should be, to bring out your best rather than to wash you out. Try this for a guide:

    Light eye colour with dark skin or dark eye co lour with light skin: anything goes.

    Light eyes with light skin: stay light/fair with your hair depth.

    Light eyes medium skin/ Medium eye depth with light skin - try colours light to medium in depth.

    Medium eye colour depth, medium skin- only the dark blondes and light browns are for you.

    Medium eyes with dark skin/ Dark eyes with medium skin - stay with the dark to medium level colors in your hair.

Dark eyes, dark skin: you guessed it: dark hair too.

" Never allow yourself to be talked into a cut or colour. If you have to be convinced, it's bound to end in tears. Clients often say they "need a change", but a good hairdresser will be realistic about what you can achieve with colour and styling" (Anthony Whittaker, Australian Hairdresser of the Year).

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