Above and below the images show highlights of a similar colour but the differences are in the dark base colour meaning more contrast above and a softer effect below. Also the shorter length above means the highlights look more like pieces of colour where in longer hair below you get the classic streaked effect.





Hair Highlighting, Lights/Lites or Streaks

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Pieces or strands of colour (tint or bleach) generally lighter than your own hair. Some hairdressers use the term to mean only made using bleach, or using bleach or permanent tint as long as the pieces are lighter than the rest of your hair. You can use several different coloured strands in combination to get some stunning effects depending on the method of application and how creative you are feeling. The time this process takes varies greatly anything from 1 hour to 3 hours then add cut and blow-dry time. It is all dependent on how much hair you have the skill of the hairdresser and the method they use to make the "highlights".

Foil or cap methods can be used to separate the strands from the rest of your hair which is not to be coloured. Consult the special section devoted to the pros and cons of each method. At VirtualHairCare we recommend foil highlights but the skill of the hairdresser is very important, as they can look shocking if they are not done well.

The foil method is broken down into portions of your hair that need to have highlights added. This varies depending on your hair cut, the effect you want and how many highlights you got the last time:

Full head: strands spaced throughout all of your hair, normally what you have the first time you try this type of colouring. Note this does not mean that all of your hair is coloured.

Half head: if your hair is long or hair cut suits, you may not need a "full head" every time. This costs slightly less and strands are placed everywhere except the nape area.

Crown and Parting: this is when you need a quick set of highlights or an emergency touch-up between a full head or half head. The stands are placed as the name suggests.

Last note on highlights. It is easy to get carried away with the idea of having just a few more highlights each time in order to be "just that bit blonder". There is a point with highlights where you may as well have a full head of blonde hair, or that what was originally beautiful due to the contrast with your own colour now actually looks darker as there is no contrast left! It's just worth knowing this so that you can remember it when you ask for a few more and even the best hairdressers find it hard to say no!


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