Above a temporary colour could be used as a toner to maintain the rich honey blonde of this model.

Coloured hair images in this section are all from entrants in the 2007 AHFAwards.

Below most commonly brunette and red/copper tones are maintained and enhanced by using a corresponding shampoo and conditioner.




Temporary Hair Color: Colour that washes in and out

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Wash-in/Wash-out products are often used for temporary looks or for home "maintenance" on permanent or semi-permanent colour in the form of a shampoo or conditioner with colour added. They can also be part of a styling product like old fashioned setting lotion with a bluish tint. I have even come across mascara type wands with temporary colour's that you can streak through your hair. Many are vegetable-based. In-salon time 5min as they can be part of your shampoo or finishing product application but these are most common as home use products.

The Positives:

  • Great to pick up or lift your normal colour.
  • You can slightly vary your normal colour (depending on how dark you are) and get rid of the effect the next time you shampoo.
  • They can keep more that more expensive colour looking good for just that little longer before you are able to visit the hairdresser again.
  • They are very cheap.
  • Can't damage your hair.

The Negatives:

  • Not effective on dark hair
  • Colour change is very subtle.
  • If you are blonde they can build up and last longer than you want. If you have highly damaged blonde hair be very careful as they can grab to bits of your hair and not wash out!
  • They won't cover grey hair but will disguise it.

Most of the wash-in wash out products are in the form of shampoos and mousses and tone various colour's of hair. For example for grey hair there are silver/blue based ones, which will make the hair look whiter and less yellow. There are others that give the hair a slight champagne or beige hue. There are also several sprays and other fun products for parties that will temporarily change your hair colour.

These are temporary colour boosters or grey hair toners that enhance the colour you have and will not work to change your colour.


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