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Permanent Hair Color or Tint: Colour that grows out

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Colour is applied directly onto your scalp to all of your hair. In salon time about 1 hour then add the cut or blow-dry time. The same colours can be used to create, or in combination with highlights or lowlights to give texture to your hair.

The Positives:

  • Will give a strong, solid effect of colour in many different shades.
  • Makes haircuts, like the bob, look very sleek and sharp.
  • Makes fine hair look thicker when deeper shades are used.
  • The resultant slight swelling of the hair when permanently coloured is great for making fine hair appear thicker.
  • Covers grey hair. See our specialist grey hair section.
  • Can make your hair lighter than it is naturally with out using bleach therefore gentler on the condition.

The Negatives:

  • Although 'permanent', it is not forever, your hair will grow as it always has and be just as grey or dark, in fact it can even look a little more grey or darker due to the contrast with the colour.
  • It will fade a little too, especially over those stubborn greys, which are difficult to colour. Fade can also look a little reddish and if you don't want those tones in your hair then a semi or demi permanent colour maybe a better choice.
  • You will need to visit the salon for your roots to be "touched up" every 5 to 6 weeks.
  • The re-growth and how obvious it is will depend on the contrast of the colour chosen with your natural colour or any grey hair. A tiny re-growth with a high contrast colour is visible within two weeks. You would not believe how fast your hair grows before you have a colour of high contrast to your own. This can mean in a few cases that the re-growth needs touching-up every 3 weeks!
  • Permanent colour can cause an allergic reaction on very rare occasions, so ask for a patch test if you are worried.
  • The condition of your hair will change and feel a little coarser. This is not damage but the way coloured hair feels. Using specially designed shampoos and conditioners will help.
  • Can look a little "wig-like" on people with very thick dense hair.
  • It can be more obvious as it grows if you wear your hair with a definite parting or pull it back off your face.

Check out changing your hair colour and caring for coloured hair for even more detail.


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