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For the latest tips on how to get the blonde look you are dreaming of check out what Gary Hooker and Micheal Young have to say.


As recent winners of the Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year they should know!.


darkening hair

Above and below are looks from Dieter Mersmann Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year title for 2007 and 2008.



darkening hair color


A comprehensive guide to Hair Colouring

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Colouring is a fun and exciting way to change your look, but for most of us possible colouring options remain a mystery. We have attempted to break this section down into the areas of most frequently asked questions and to explain in simple terms what you can achieve with colour.

The Quick guide to salon colour services

Finding the colouring method to suit your needs:

Permanent (Colour that grows out)

Semi permanent (Colour that slowly fades out)

Temporary (Colour that washes out in one or two shampoos)

All Over Bleach (If you want to be really blonde)

Highlights (Streaks of lighter colour)

Lowlites (Streaks of darker colour)

Free hand Colouring (Special Techniques)

Panel Colouring (Special Techniques)

The Re-growth Look (Special Techniques)

Alternative Colouring Methods:

Colouring using Henna or Plant based products.

Progressive Dyes

How do I choose a colour to suit me?

Thinking about Highlights? Check here first!.

Changing Your Hair Colour

'Deeper, Richer, Warmer' colours for your hair

Blonde, Blonde and more Blonde

Caring for Coloured Hair

All you need to know about Allergies to Hair Dye and Henna

Patch Testing for Allergies

Colour and the rumours about links to carcinogens

This striking transition to blonde  literally frames the face.

Courtesy Angelo Seminara @ Trevor Sorbie, London U.K

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