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Picture above courtesy Geoffrey Herberg, QLD, Australia.



Below blonde with a hint of pink, by Dieter Mersmann from his collection for Hair Expo 2006.

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Some colour ideas (above, below and to the right) from Angela Pasore at Colour Cosmetica, Adelaide, Australia.
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Caring for Coloured Hair

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It's all about the shampoo you are using when it comes to keeping the colour as it was when you left the salon. A certain amount of colour fade has to be expected especially in sunny climates. The majority of colour fade however, can be prevented by using the right products especially when it comes to your shampoo. A good example is that anti-dandruff and shampoos designed for babies, are sometimes used by hairdressers to remove some forms of unwanted colour!

It's about balance though, if you have dandruff and colour your hair copper, as an example, you really should be using something to help the dandruff. In a case like this you could use a shampoo for the dandruff and condition with a conditioner with a copper tone added to it to replace what is fading out by using the anti-dandruff product.

It is also important to follow with a conditioner every time you wash your hair if it is coloured. This is because the action of a shampoo is to open up the outer surface of your hair to clean it. If it is not sealed down by the action of a conditioner colour can more easily fade.

Other things to remember when caring for coloured hair:

  • Coloured hair needs special protection when in the sun or swimming if you want to avoid excessive fade and damage. Try a sun and chlorine protection product or wear a hat "full" time.
  • See our section on detangling for how not to stress your hair when combing it out.
  • Static can be a problem if you over-dry coloured hair. Always use a thermal protecting product when blow-drying to minimise damage.


Sharon Blain from the Art of Hair, one of Australia's top salons, has given us some valuable tips on caring for colour and coloured blonde hair.

"For longer lasting colour we do not recommend ordinary shampoo and conditioner. That's why Artec has created a personalised colour shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair colour from fading and to keep it in great condition."

"Caring for Blonde Hair

  • Use a moisturising shampoo to avoid stripping further moisture from the hair.
  • Always condition hair after each shampoo.
  • Before applying conditioner, gently bolt excess water from the hair.
  • Deep condition or treat once a week to rebuild moisture levels in the hair.
  • Any cool blonde shades with icy undertones such as platinum or champagne need a little more attention at home to help maintain the tone.
  • Artec have a program personally prescribed to your hair colour by your stylist.
  • Goldwell also have a Colorance Mousse easily applied at home.
  • Don't forget Goldwell Vivecap Fluide Serum which is a "takeaway" moisture bath for your hair. Simply spray on after shampooing and your hair condition will visibly improve immediately.



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