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Courtesy Ali Holmes Wild Life SOGO Sydney, Australia

Photography by Sam Bisso and Brett Brogan

Courtesy of Biba Academy Creative Team, Victoria Australia

Pic from Anthony Nader @ Raw Hair Sydney

Men's Stuff!

If you did not come through our home page your search has only found a small proportion of our vast and useful data base of real information, facts and how-to instructions.

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Men like things simple, or so the men in this office say. So we felt that you guys needed some easy links within to get you to the stuff that might interest you!

Latest trends in mens hair.

VirtualHairCare puts you in the know with looks from the Art of Hair and the latest mens collections from the AHFAwards.

Men's Hair loss

All the real answers and solutions from the professionals. Why it happens and what you can do about it.

Men's Cuts

A picture gallery of both latest as well as classic looks to take a look at before you go for that next hair cut.

Courtesy of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair Sydney

Beards, Shaving and all of that!

The obvious and the not so obvious stuff about facial hair and how to deal with it.


If you've got any real hair issues, trichologists are the "hair and scalp" doctors.

Dandruff, Eczema and others

All the technical detail and how to recognise medical symptoms to do with the hair and scalp. Think you've got something nasty? Well check this section out!.

Getting what you want and not ending up with the bouffy blowdry when you next get the chop!

Courtesy of Anthony Nader and Raw Hair Sydney

It's happened to all of us before. How to help ensure you don't end up looking like a prize marino!

Grey Hair

Why's it gone all grey? All the info. There are also quick and easy, yet very effective ways of getting rid of grey's

For a huge variety of all other hair related stuff, go and check out the whole of the VirtualSalon.


Redken FOR MEN a range of products with protein and carbs designed to provide your hair with a daily dose of strengthening and anti-drying protection for your hair.


Stand tough and extreme hold gel for ultra firm control and sharp definition.



Work hard a paste to give your hair moldable texture and ultimate control.



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